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Directional Spool Valves, pilot operated with solenoid actuation


Solenoid operated directional spool valves

Directional valves type WEH are solenoid operated directional spool valves. They control the start, stop, and direction of a flow. These pilot operated directional valves consist of a pilot control valve and main stage with spring or hydraulic centering options. Additionally, the pilot and drain configuration may be selected. A full array of spools are possible with variations in voltage and electrical connection, all within the program. Flow and pressure rates from 4000 PSI to 5000 PSI and 42 GPM to 120 GPM cover a wide range of applications.


  • Sizes 10 to 22
  • Porting pattern according to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401-5, 7, 8; NFPA T3.5.1M R1, and ANSI B93.7 D 05, D 07, D 08
  • Wet-pin AC or DC solenoids
  • Spring and/or pressure return of the main spool to its initial position
  • Spring centering (size 10, 16, & 22)
  • Spring or pressure centering (sizes 16 & 22)
  • Electrical connection as individual connection or central connection
  • Optional switching time adjustment
  • Stroke limitation of the main spool, optional
  • CSA certified part numbers available in all sizes

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