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Logic valves for direction functions


Directional valve cartridges

Logic valves consist of a cartridge (LC) and cover (LFA) which are ordered separately. The directional valve cartridges have area ratios to suit application needs. LC..A has a 50% or (2:1) area ratio. LC..B has a 7% (14.3:1) area ratio. Cracking pressure is determined by spring code (ex: 00 = no spring, 10 = 1 bar).

The LC without damping nose has option E. The LC with damping nose has option D. The LFA for direction functions have many configurations (D, WEA, GWA, KWA) with various options. When the cover accepts a directional pilot valve, this (4WE6, SEW, SED) must be specified separately. The standard LFA includes metric fasteners.


  • Sizes 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63
  • Mounting cavity and connections to DIN ISO 7368
  • LC has 2 area ratios, various springs, optional damping nose
  • Control cover with remote control port
  • Control cover for mounting directional spool or poppet valve

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