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2-way flow control valves, pressure compensated


Two-way restrictive-style flow regulators

Pressure compensated flow controls Model 2FRM are two-way restrictive-style flow regulators. They accurately control flow, independent of changes in fluid viscosity or pressure drop across the valve. This valve maintains a constant actuator speed independent of changes in load-induced pressure. Sharp edged throttle openings reduce the influence of flow variations from temperature change.


  • Sizes 6, 10, and 16
  • For subplate mounting:
    – Size 6: Porting pattern according to ISO 6263-03
    and NFPA T3.5.1M R1 2 FO 3
    – Size 10: Porting pattern according to ISO 6263-06-2
    and NFPA T3.5.1M R1 2 FO 6
  • Manual dial adjustment
  • With external closure of the pressure compensator, optional (size 6)
  • Check valve, optional (size 6)
  • Pressure compensator stroke limitation for reducing start-up jumps, optional (size 10)

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