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Pressure relief valves – direct operated


Direct operated relief valves with sandwich mount design

ZDBD and Z2DBD are direct operated relief valves with a sandwich

mount design. Serveral pressure ranges are available, up to 350 bar. The improved performance in a very cost effective design made for demanding mobile and industrial applications.

ZDBD models have a single port pressure relief in ports A, B or P. Z2DBD models have dual port relief, for (A-T, B-T) or a cross port relief function.


  • Size 6, Size 10
  • Nominal flow to 60, 120 Lpm
  • Several pressure ranges, up to 350 bar
  • Single port relief: DA, DB, or DP
  • Dual port relief: DC (A-T, B-T) or DD (A-B, B-A)
  • Mounts on ISO 4401-3, ANSI B93.8 D03; or ISO 4401-5, ANSI B93.8 D05
  • Includes hole for locating pin R900005694 (separate order)
  • Hex screw adjustment type

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