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Pressure reducing valves, sandwich module, direct operated


Direct operated pressure reducing-relieving valve in 3-way design

Models ZDR are 3-way direct operated pressure reducing -relieving valves. They maintain a “reduced” pressure in a branch circuit and permit “relieving” pressure spike occurrences in the reduced branch circuit. Options for pressure ranges and operator adjustment options are within the scope of the modular reducing valve portfolio.


  • Sizes 6 and 10
  • For mounting:
    – Size 6: Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-3, NFPA T3.5.1M Ra, and ANSI B93.7 D 03
    – Size 10: Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-05, NFPA T3.5.1M R1, and ANSI B93.7 D 05
  • Pressure reduction in channel A, B or P
  • Four pressure ratings:
    – 25 bar (360 PSI), 75 bar (1100 PSI), 150 bar (2175 PSI), and 210 bar (3050 PSI)
  • Adjustment type:
    – Rotary knob
  • Check valve, optional


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