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Card holder

VT 3002

Card holder for either 32-pin or 48-pin connection format

The VT-3002 card holder is available in either a 32-pin or 48-pin connection format (Form D or Form F). Individual screw terminals aid in robust field connections while the VT-3002 provides a stable platform to anchor field connections. Push buttons on each side permit releasing an amplifier board without incurring undue stress on an amplifier’s faceplate.


  • Card holders allow the simple installation and wiring of individual electronic cards in Euro format, e.g. in switching cabinets
  • Can be screwed on or snapped onto DIN rails
  • Vertical mounting onto a DIN rail, possible with an additional adaptor (included within the scope of supply)
  • Stable base
  • Card locking and releasing by lever operation
  • Connection via screw terminals

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