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Digital closed-loop control electronics


Closed-loop control electronics

The VT-HACD-3-2X closed-loop control electronics is a module that is installed on a top hat rail. A microcontroller controls the entire process, makes adjustments, establishes links and realizes the closed control loops. Data for configuration, command values and parameters are stored in a FLASH in a non-volatile form.


  • Use as command value card for generating, linking and normalizing signals
  • Use as controller card for closed loop control with PIDT1 controller and optional state feedback
  • Alternating control possible (e.g. position control with superimposed pressure control)
  • Configurable analog and discrete I/O
  • Digital SSI or incremental position measuring system
  • Possibility of sequence control through block call-ups with command values, ramp times and controller parameters
  • PC software BODAC for configuration, parameterization and diagnostics
  • Field bus systems: PROFIBUS DP or EtherNet IP

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