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Analog amplifier card for 4/3 proportional directional valves
of type 4WRE


Analog amplifier card for control of direct operated proportional directional valves 4WRE6

The VT-VRPA2-1 controls direct operated proportional directional valves, type 4WRE6 series 2X. The VT-VRPA2-2 controls direct operated proportional directional valves, type 4WRE10 series 2X.


  • Designed as printed circuit board in Euro-format 100 x 160 mm and suitable for installation in a rack
  • Command value inputs:
    – Differential input ±10 V
    – Four callable command value inputs ±10 V
    – Current input 4 to 20 mA
  • Inversion of the internal command value signal via 24V input or by means of jumpers
  • Selection of ramp time through quadrant recognition (24V input) or ramp time call-ups (24V inputs) (option T5)

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