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2WFCE - Proportional DIN throttle valve

2WFCE Series 1X

Proportional throttle valve with on board electronics

2WFCE is a DIN cavity proportional throttle valve with Onboard electronics OBE. Maximum flow increased in all sizes. Maximum pressure is 420 bar. Response and stability imporved, when compared to FESXE.

2WFCE model A1 (10 vdc) can easily replace most FESXE (7-pin connector). FEE and FESE use 12-pin connectors. See data sheet RE26871 regarding wiring changes or 12-pin connector options.


  • Size 16 to 50
  • Nominal flow 1500 Lpm @ 5 bar Δp
  • Pilot operated
  • 420 bar
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Bi-directional flow (x port to inlet)


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