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High-response directional valves, direct operated with electrical position feedback

4WRPE (Series 3X)

High performance, direct operated proportional valve

Marginal Column

4WRPEH 6 is a high performance, direct operated, servo-solenoid valve. It is suitable for closed loop applications like position, velocity, and pressure control. It is even more robust than the previous desgin. Series-3X is not designed for pilot operated applications, 3WRCBH, or 4WRLE.


  • Size 6
  • Nominal flow at 70 bar drop: 4 to 40 Lpm
  • Precise sleeve and spool
  • Fail-safe position of control spool in off condition
  • Direct operated by onboard electronic solenoid
  • Standard 7-pin connector
  • Mounts on ISO 4401-3, ANSI B93.8 D03

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