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Proportional pressure relief valve


Proportional pressure relief valves

DBETA proportional pressure relief valves are for high performance applications up to 5 Lpm. Combine DBETA with logic valves (like LC + LFA..DB) for high flow pressure circuits. Pilot remote pressure control on axial piston pumps (DRG control A4V, A10V, A15V).

The integral pressure transducer is factory calibrated to on-board electronics with a standard 7-pin analog interface. DBETA is a closed loop pressure design for outstanding linearity and accuracy, even while fluid viscosity and flows change. Sensor fault detection switches valve to a 0v condition. Simple installation, no user software or bus.


  • Size 6
  • Nominal pressure 200, 350 bar
  • Maximum flow 5 Lpm
  • Integral pressure sensor, controller, and amplifier

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