Proportional cartridge throttle valve, with inductive position transducer, pilot operated


Pilot operated proportional cartridge throttle valves

Model FESX proportional throttle valves are pilot operated and in “cartridge” design. This results in their compact form despite high flow rates. The electronics, which take the form of an external valve amplifier in Europe card format, trigger the solenoid of the pilot valve and thus control the position of the main stage. Hysteresis is <0/2% and a position accuracy of >0.5% is achieved.


  • Sizes 16…50
  • Pilot operated throttle valves with inductive position transducer
  • Design: cartridge type DIN 24342, ISO/DIS 7368, control oil external X and Y
  • Adjustable via the position-controlled main stage by means of the position transducer
  • and the external valve electronics
  • Hysteresis < 0.2%, positioning accuracy < 0.5%

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