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End Bearings and Pillow Blocks

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Features of Rexroth's End Bearings/Pillow Blocks include:

  • Easy installation due to variable fixture options, along with reference edges
  • High axial load capacity with precision angular contact bearings
  • Available from stock in variety of sizes
  • Effective full contact sealing
Download GoTo Linear Motion Catalog
Download GoTo Linear Motion Catalog

End Bearings

Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
R159060600 Bearing LAD 12x5/10 3 1
R159061000 Bearing LAD 16x5/10/16 2 1
R159061500 Bearing LAD 20x5/20 (15mm ID) 2 1
R159061700 Bearing LAD 25x5/10/25 3 1
R159062000 Bearing LAD 32x5/10/20/32 (20mm ID) 3 1
R159062500 Bearing LAD 32x5/10/20/32 (25mm ID) 3 1
R159063000 Bearing LAD 40x5/10/20/40 3 1
R159001200 Bearing LAF 20x5/20 3 1
R159001730 Bearing LAF 25x5/10/25 3 1
R159002030 Bearing LAF 32x5/10/20/32 3 1
R159032530 Bearing LAF 40x10/20/40 3 1
R159010600 Bearing LAN 12x5/10 3 1
R159011000 Bearing LAN 16x5/10/16 3 1
R159011200 Bearing LAN 20x5/20 3 1
R159011730 Bearing LAN 25x5/10/25 3 1
R159012030 Bearing LAN 32x5/10/20/32 3 1
R159022530 Bearing LAN 40x10/20/40 3 1

Pillow Blocks

Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
R159112020 Pillow Block SEB-F 32x5/10/20/32 NMZ Locknut 3 1
R159111720 Pillow Block SEB-F 25x5/10/25 NMZ Locknut 3 1
R159110620 Pillow Block SEB-F 12x5/10 3 1
R159111020 Pillow Block SEB-F 16x5/10/16 3 1
R159111220 Pillow Block SEB-F 20x5/20 3 1
R159111730 Pillow Block SEB-F 25x5/10/25 3 1
R159112030 Pillow Block SEB-F 32x5/10/20/32 3 1
R159113030 Pillow Block SEB-F 40x5 3 1
R159122530 Pillow Block SEB-F 40x10/20/40 3 1
R159160620 Pillow Block SEB-L 12x5/10 3 1
R159161020 Pillow Block SEB-L 16x5/10/16 3 1
R159161220 Pillow Block SEB-L 20x5/20 3 1
R159161720 Pillow Block SEB-L 25x5/10/25 3 1
R159162020 Pillow Block SEB-L 32x5/10/20/32 3 1
R159163020 Pillow Block SEB-L 40x5 3 1
R159163010 Pillow Block SEB-L 40x10/20/40 3 1
R159401200 Pillow Block SEC-F 20x5/20 3 1
R159402000 Pillow Block SEC-F 32x5/10/20/32 3 1
R159461500 Pillow Block SEC-L 20x5/20 3 1
R159462000 Pillow Block SEC-L 32x5/10/20/32 3 1


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