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Linear Bushings

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Features of Rexroth's Linear Bushings include:

  • Compact: Closed bushing with small overall dimensions and two internal seals
  • Standard: Closed robust steel enclosure suitable for high contamination environments with integrated reservoirs and two internal seals
  • Super: B type closed bushing design with polyamide outer sleeve and hardened steel segmental load bearing plates. Also with two internal seals
  • Standard Inch Bushings: Closed type low noise resin ball retainer and hardened ground outer sleeve. Also with internal seals
  • Super Inch Bushings: Closed type self aligning bushing with hardened steel load plates and two internal seals.
  • Linear Inch Set: Open bushing set with precision light weight aluminum housing around super linear bushing type. Self aligning, fully sealed, and adjustable bore.
Download GoTo Linear Motion Catalog
Download GoTo Linear Motion Catalog


Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
065821240 Compact 12mm 20 1
R065821640 Compact 16mm 20 1
R065822040 Compact 20mm 20 1
R065822540 Compact 25mm 20 1
R065823040 Compact 30mm 20 1
R065824040 Compact 40mm 20 1
R065825040 Compact 50mm 20 1


Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
RR061201210 Standard, adjustable w/ two seals 12mm 20 1
R061201610 Standard, adjustable w/ two seals 16mm 20 1
R060201210 Standard, closed 12mm 20 1
R060201610 Standard, closed 16mm 20 1
R060202010 Standard, closed 20mm 20 1
R060202510 Standard, closed 25mm 20 1
R060203010 Standard, closed 30mm 20 1
R060204010 Standard, closed 40mm 20 1
R060230810 Standard, closed 8mm 20 1


Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
R067021240 Super, closed 12mm 20 1
R067021640 Super, closed 16mm 20 1
R067022040 Super, closed 20mm 20 1
R067022540 Super, closed 25mm 20 1
R067023040 Super, closed 30mm 20 1
R067024040 Super, closed 40mm 20 1
R067025040 Super, closed 50mm 10 1


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