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Mini Ball Rails and Runner Blocks

GoTo Linear Motion

Features of Rexroth's Mini Ball Rails - Mini Runner Blocks include:

  • High load capacity in all directions due to construction with the largest possible ball
  • Lubrication access from either front or side faces, dependent upon size
  • Optional stainless steel coverstrip
  • All steel parts of the runner block and guide rail are made of rust and acid resistant material similar to ISO 683-17 / EN 10088
  • Ultra low friction for minimal energy consumption
Download GoTo Linear Motion Catalog
Download GoTo Linear Motion Catalog

Mini Rails

Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
R044570331 Mini Rail 7mm, H Accuracy 10 2
R044570431 Mini Rail 7mm, N Accuracy 10 2
R044580331 Mini Rail 9mm, H Accuracy 10 2
R044580431 Mini Rail 9mm, N Accuracy 10 2
R044520331 Mini Rail 12mm, H Accuracy 10 2
R044520431 Mini Rail 12mm, N Accuracy 10 2
R044550331 Mini Rail 15mm, H Accuracy 10 2
R044550431 Mini Rail 15mm, N Accuracy 10 2

Mini Runner Blocks

Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
R044279301 Mini Runner block 7, clearance 10 1
R044271301 Mini Runner block 7, preload 10 1
R044289301 Mini Runner block 9, clearance 10 1
R044281301 Mini Runner block 9, preload 10 1
R044229301 Mini Runner block 12, clearance 10 1
R044221301 Mini Runner block 12, preload 10 1
R044259301 Mini Runner block 15, clearance 10 1
R044251301 Mini Runner block 15, preload 10 1


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