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    PSK Precision Modules

    Rexroth Precision Modules are precise, ready-to-install linear motion systems that combine high stiffness with travel accuracy with compact dimensions.

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    Mounting Accessories for PSK

    General note - Mounting with clamping fixtures

    The reference edge cannot be used in the region of the clamping fixtures. Suitable for all cover options.

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    Mounting Accessories for PSK

    Clamping fixtures

    Recommended number:

    - 3 per 500 mm and side

Marginal Column

Features of Rexroth's PSK - Precision Module with Ball Screw Drive include:

  • Extremely compact and rigid precision steel profile with reference edge and integrated Rexroth guideway geometry
  • Precision ball screw drive in tolerance grade 7 with zero-backlash nut system
  • Aluminum fixed bearing end block with preloaded ball bearings and ball screw journal
  • Floating bearing end block with double ball bearings
  • One or two steel carriages, standard length or long for PSK with or without cover plate
  • One aluminum carriage, standard length or long, for PSK with sealing strip

PSK - Precision Module with Ball Screw Drive Resources


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