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Electronics designed to drive your company forward

Based on decades of practical experience and a dedication to being an industry leader, our sophisticated and versatile assembly technology is here to improve your factory workflow.

Bosch Rexroth has the transformative technology portfolio experience to help solve todays challenges. Bosch Rexroth’s complete factory automation portfolio combines innovative controls, full mechatronics, state-of-the-art conveyor systems and advanced assembly and linear technologies into high-performance material transport and assembly automation solutions.

This uniquely equips us to create solutions tailor-made to solve the complex scale-up, throughout your factory.

Leading electronics to become the Factory of the Future

Portfolio for Industry experience

Industry Experience

Our cross-technology portfolio features best-in-class products combined with leading technology to drive higher machine value, streamline operations and ensure seamless integration.

Example of modular hardware that we offer

Modular Hardware

Our modular hardware seamlessly integrates with each other to create either a new workstation or a value add on to your existing infrastructure.

Bosch Rexroth expert providing support to customer

Easy to implement and support

We partner to provide full lifecycle support with our automation solutions, backed by a global engineering, manufacturing, service and support program.

Resources: Engineering complete automation solutions

End of line battery and e-axle testing


Learn how our VarioFlow chain conveyer system can master even the most difficult routes

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See all the ways how our basic mechanical elements can build anything to suit your needs

Explore some of our Electronics Portfolio

Ergonomic workstations

Manual Production Systems: Ergonomics in the workplace

Our manual production systems offer a wide range of economic and ergonomic solutions to better improve the employee experience. They offer:

  • Ergonomically designed workflow stations
  • Space saving flow rack systems
  • Solutions for space saving and warehouse efficiency

Discover Workplace Ergonomics
Discover Workplace Ergonomics
Conveyers, Workflow

Conveyers: Creating a seamless workflow through your workshop

Moving your factory line in an effecient method can not only increase productivity but provide

  • Energy efficiencies
  • Strength
  • Reliability
  • Precision & Speed
  • Ergonomic Designs
  • ESD Capacity
  • Improved environmental conditions

Learn how to get your factory moving
Learn how to get your factory moving
Joints, Struts and basic elements

Get back to basics with our basic mechanical elements

Work stations are more efficient when specifically tailored to the end purpose. That is why we offer a range of modular systems that have over 1500 parts to them including:

  • Struts
  • Connection elements
  • Joints
  • Elements for manual movement

And many more

Discover ways to build your ideal work station
Discover ways to build your ideal work station

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