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Bosch Rexroth. The Drive & Control Company.

With over 200 years of experience in the technology sector, Bosch Rexroth continues to augment the industry with robust engineering designs to provide our 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for their driving, controlling and moving applications.

You set the requirements for your machine, your project, your system. Then, we combine our drive & control technology and unique expertise to give you the right solution. Whether it’s for Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications & Engineering, Factory Automation or Renewable Energies. Companies worldwide trust us to provide innovative components, complete system solutions and expert services, drawing on our portfolio of precise, proven, energy-efficient hydraulics, electric drives & controls with linear motion and assembly technologies. It’s what we do.


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    Cost engineering:
    A perfect touchdown for costs and benefits

    Only a holistic approach to product modification and cost optimization is going to give global companies the right responses to price sensitivity and varying customer requirements.

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    CytroPac- Hydraulic Power Units

    This compact power unit demonstrates power, performance and productivity with i4.0 connectivity.

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    Sytronix- Variable pumps for hydraulic applications

    Sytronix – "Smart interplay of Hydraulics and Electronics" – combines the features and most important advantages of both technologies. With Rexroth's Sytronix Variable-Speed Pump Drives, reliability of powerful hydraulic systems, as well as energy efficiency and dynamics of compact electronics play hand in hand

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    Echidna - Flameproof valve for your mining sites

    Underground coal mining presents several challenges compared to open cut mining. Electrical components are designed for operation without creating a spark or operating at high temperature and are typically enclosed in a large steel explosion proof box.


From Concept to Reality

The power of Industry 4.0 is now becoming real – and Bosch Rexroth is uniquely prepared to help machine builders and manufacturers make the vision of the Smart Factory into reality today.

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Machine Safety

Rexroth offers the universal competence for functional safety at all levels of automation, as well as technologies.

Smart Automation Productivity

Equip your automation systems with precisely the capabilities you need–drive and control technology that continues to set standards for innovation and performance.

Smart Automation

Energy Efficiency

Rexroth 4EE bundles, structures and focuses multiplicity technologies and solutions, that accounts to use energy intelligent.


Industrial Hydraulics

Combining unique advantages of hydraulics such as power density and robustness with the flexibility of modern controls: At Bosch Rexroth you will find the largest intelligent and networkable hydraulic portfolio - from hydraulic components to complete system solutions and controls. We provide you with energy-efficient, flexible and intelligent solutions for series applications as well as onshore and offshore installations.

Industrial Hydraulics

Mobile Hydraulics

Manufactured according to the most demanding quality standards, with the versatility that mobile hydraulics and mobile electronics need to deliver: Our components and solutions for mobile applications help manufacturers to meet the toughest emission regulations, increasing productivity and reliability at the same time. Shifting more and more functionalities into our controls software reduces complexity and enables regional design, manufacturing and customer specific variants.

Mobile Hydraulics


Linear Technology

Moving high loads precisely and highly dynamic, finding the right solution with just a few clicks, shipped within market-required delivery time: Linear motion technology from Bosch Rexroth sets the standard for reliability and application adjusted performance. Plus, machine builders and system integrators save time, effort and money by choosing our ready-to-mount linear motion systems and actuators.

Linear Motion Technology

Assembly Technology

Industry 4.0 production is both highly connected and fully flexible -- and our assembly and material flow technology is engineered to deliver that flexibility and productivity across multiple applications. From ergonomic manual stations to fully automatic production systems, we provide you with the perfect solution to reach your goals quickly, reliably, and safely..

Assembly Technology


Hägglunds Drives

A rugged direct drive solution delivering 50% more torque: high performance in a small package. With smooth starts, built-in shock load protection and remarkable torque control, Hägglunds drive systems keeps your machinery up-and-running.

Hagglands Drives

Tightening Technology

People are the key players in Industry 4.0 – and our intelligent and responsive tightening technology products such as the Nexo nutrunner equip people with powerful tools to maximize smart manufacturing productivity.

Tightening Technology

Electric Drives & Control

- Reduce your time-to-market and lower your energy consumption

– Increase your machine's functionality

– Gain an edge over your competitors

Electric Drives & Control

Premium Service Gauranteed

We are your fast & reliable partner - from spare parts management to preventive maintenance concepts. Available across the golbe & around the clock.

Tel: 1800-739 7684