Smart Flex Effector gives robots the sense of a human hand

Smart Flex Effector

Giving robots a human touch

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Increasing the level of automation – with the intelligent compensation module for robots

Automating complex processes with ease and implementing new applications – no problem with the Smart Flex Effector, our sensor-based, easily retrofittable compensation module. By actively measuring position data in six degrees of freedom, the end effector gives industrial robots the precision and sensitivity of a human hand, thus opening up completely new possibilities in factory automation.

Areas of application

The Smart Flex Effector can be fitted to all typical robots such as articulated robots, linear robots or cobots and is compatible with a wide range of grippers. It opens up completely new approaches in factory automation. It can be used virtually anywhere: In the electronics, automotive or packaging industries, in battery production, in mechanical engineering or in metal construction.

The Smart Flex Effector impresses with four unique selling points shown here using a simple joining process as an example:

Delicate sense of touch of the Smart Flex Effector

Robotics with delicate sense of touch

The intelligent compensation module allows tactile probing, referencing and teaching thanks to the physical decoupling of the robot and gripper in six independent degrees of freedom. The unique combination of sensor technology and mechanics allows intelligent object detection in order to set up processes quickly and easily and to correctly detect components and their positions.

Complex gripping and joining of the Smart Flex Effector

Complex gripping and joining

Whether it be high-precision gripping, placement or the assembly of sensitive, fragile components as part of the process itself, the Smart Flex Effector benefits all applications requiring a delicate, individual sense of touch. It allows reliable, precise joining even with the smallest of tolerances, regardless of the component supply and the robot system.

Continuous position correction of the Smart Flex Effectors

Continuous position correction

During scanning, the Smart Flex Effector can detect abnormalities in six degrees of freedom. Thanks to the sensors, the exact position of the object can be determined. As a result, a compensation movement by the robot can take place and damage to objects can be avoided. After picking/placing, the compensation module can be returned to the zero position and locked, thus allowing high travel dynamics. This makes it possible to react to unforeseeable parameter changes and to handle large tolerances and variances automatically.

Process monitoring and maximum process transparency of the Smart Flex Effector

Process monitoring and maximum process transparency

By permanently recording and monitoring position data, the compensation module makes the joining process transparent and corrects it immediately in the event of errors. The intelligent sensor technology provides detailed process feedback and, in conjunction with the compensation kinematics, enables readjustment for robotic applications. Process stability and quality assurance are thus improved on a continuous, lasting basis.

Smart Flex Effector

All the advantages at a glance

  • Disruptive – automates processes which in the past could only be carried out manually
  • Versatile – makes processes extremely flexible and precise
  • Efficient – optimizes costs thanks to shorter downtimes and higher cycle times
  • Economical – reduces wastage and damage to components
  • Transparent – allows seamless process monitoring and improves quality
  • Future-proof – can be retrofitted at any time

Smart Flex Effector

Technical data

  • Passive compensation in six independent degrees of freedom thanks to integrated sensor technology
  • Electromechanical reset to zero position and locking of the module
  • Internal calculation of the Cartesian deviation from the point coordinate
  • Handling weight up to 10 kg
  • Compensation XY +/- 3.0 mm, Z -3.0 mm
  • Axial angle equalization XY +/- 3.4 °, Z +/- 6.8°
  • IP54 protection class

Programming kit of the Smart Flex Effectors

Connection to computer with programming kit

The Smart Flex Effector can easily be connected to a PC with the programming kit (cable set and power supply). The kit is available separately and allows the compensation module to be controlled, operated and configured using special software for the PC. As a result, the basic functions of the Smart Flex Effector can be tested quickly and easily and firmware updates can be carried out.

Further information about the programming kit
Further information about the programming kit
Commissioning of the Smart Flex Effector

Commissioning with individual application packages

Application packages for various robot manufacturers allow robot-specific connections and thus quick and easy commissioning of the Smart Flex Effector. This means that simple application tasks can be performed quickly and efficiently. The packages include software and hardware components as well as documentation for the particular robot which describes the connection process.

Further information about commissioning
Further information about commissioning
Different flanges and adapter plates of the Smart Flex Effector

Flanges and adapter plates

Various flanges and adapter plates allow the flexible element to be connected to most popular robots and grippers. The mechanical accessories thus allow customer-specific use within a range of applications and industries.

Further information about the mechanical accessories
Further information about the mechanical accessories

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