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Sytronix Week

Sytronix Weeks from 20.02. to 03.03.2023

Have you ever asked yourself how you, as a machine and plant manufacturer, can contribute to achieving climate targets with energy-efficient hydraulic solutions? And how you can keep pace with advancing digitalization at the same time? Using our Sytronix variable-speed drives as an example, we will show you how this works in our modular training program.


Fast moving solutions for fast moving goods

In the fast moving consumer goods sector, speed is not only required for products. The ever faster changes in the environment also require agile action. Let's talk about solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Matthias Lück

New Tech-Podcast Episode:

Domain knowledge in industry

Machine learning is a great tool, but it won't work without domain knowledge. Matthias Lück from Fraunhofer IAO explains why (only available in German).

Factory of the future

Welcome to the factory of the future

New technologies, changing customer needs, less energy consumption, circular economy, strengthening, previously unknown competitors, new laws, demographic change and corporate social responsibility.

Only available in German

Certified Excellence Partner network

Certified Excellence Partner network

Our certified partner organization introduces itself! Strong players in the industrial market who master your needs in terms of distribution of Bosch Rexroth products, high-performance services directly in their vicinity and comprehensive system solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn under #CertifiedExcellence and get to know our powerful partners.

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