Metallic horse symbolizes high precision milling with Linear Motion Technology and future-oriented process automation.

Rethink machine tools

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Rethink machine tools: High-precision machining. Smart automation.

Machine tools with even greater precision? Increased automation capabilities? And improved sustainably? Optimize your production with our innovative linear motion technology solutions. We’ll show you how you can easily compensate for thermal effects using patented linear guides or drive your transformation towards new markets and applications with automation solutions. Discover your production potential. Let’s do it together.

Process stability and maximum precision with thermal compensation

Process stability and maximum precision:

Innovative solutions for thermal compensation

Process optimization with Linear Motion Technology products

Process optimization:

Increase efficiency with high-precision Linear Motion Technology

Process automation with preconfigured multi-axis systems

Process automation:

Highly flexible solutions with preconfigured sub-systems

Using transformation as an opportunity

Ice cubes in a fire symbolize thermal compensation of Linear Motion Technology components

Rethink high precision:
Increase process stability thanks to thermal compensation.

Improving thermal characteristics for greater process stability is always a challenge. External cooling systems are expensive. With the patented TCRS Thermo Compensating Rail System, a cost-effective, flexible solution is available for the very first time: Heat can be removed directly from the linear guide or supplied at the start of production. The thermal stability minimizes waste and increases productivity enormously, especially as there is no need for readjustments. As a result, the machines achieve maximum precision, increased dynamics, and higher throughput with constant process conditions.

Ball and roller guides with TRCS are up to 75% more precise and can easily be retrofitted with no need for additional space. In combination with the integrated IMS measuring system, users get unique linear guides which guide, measure and control temperature all at the same time. For improved precision, dynamics and throughput. Bosch Rexroth also offers temperature-controlled screw drives on request.

More about thermal compensation
More about thermal compensation
Eye symbolizes high precision in process optimization

Further sharpening high precision:
Innovative linear motion technology for process optimization.

The quality of the resulting workpiece surface depends largely on smooth-running linear guides. Machine manufacturers achieve the required precision in the µm range only with minimal pulsation inclination. The high-precision ball and roller rail systems from Bosch Rexroth ensure that this is the case thanks to a patented entry zone in the runner block. The quiet rolling behavior ensures a smooth transition to maximum power and low-vibration machining. The profiled rail systems provide a flexible replacement concept. As a result, runner blocks and profiled rails of the same size can be combined in any way, regardless of the accuracy class. A special lubrication and seal concept reduces maintenance costs by allowing the longest-possible relubrication intervals. Bosch Rexroth also offers quick and easy clip installation of the proven cover strip. The integrated IMS measuring system is as precise as glass scales, but is unaffected by dirt and shocks. The ball and planetary screw assemblies also offer machine tool manufacturers a high-level of quality and variety. Thanks to their compacted surfaces, they also impress with optimum running characteristics.

Octopus symbolizes the highly flexible adaptation of individual solutions for process automation.

Taking process automation to the next level:
Develop individual solutions faster with highly flexible sub-systems.

Another trend in the machine tool sector is complete solutions from a single source.

We are seeing an increase in customer requests for machine tools that include automated workpiece and tool packing are multiplying. At Bosch Rexroth, machine manufacturers will find a wide range of linear motion technology components and linear axes and even complete multi-axis systems that can easily be integrated into operation and linked to the higher-level control system. The Smart MechatroniX solution platform has led to the development of subsystems for handling, dispensing, and pressing applications. To quickly perform handling jobs, mechanical engineering companies can choose between a preconfigured multi-axis system that, upon request, will include the entire energy chain and cable management or a linear robot with preinstalled operating software, the Smart Function Kit Handling. Digital e-tools will allow up to 90 percent faster selection, configuration, and sizing. Fast, streamlined or fully automatic commissioning is also part of the preconfigured mechatronic packages.

More about Smart Function Kits
More about Smart Function Kits
Planet symbolizes the resource-saving use of sustainable Linear Motion Technology

An integrated approach to sustainability:
With less consumption, less maintenance and a local presence.

The foundations for the resource-saving use of Linear Motion Technology are laid at the design and sizing stage. Bosch Rexroth has been making this possible for many years by offering customer-specific advice and application support as well as through continuously optimized selection and calculation tools. This results in made-to-measure solutions with a long service life and high energy efficiency. Linear Motion Technology from Bosch Rexroth is characterized by application-specific maintenance intervals that minimize the consumption of materials, and even lifelong lubrication. For example, Rexroth has doubled the lubrication intervals for its ball rail systems. This means that they can be used for up to 20,000 km without relubrication. The ball screw assemblies can achieve four times as many revolutions. This means that up to 200 million revolutions are possible without relubrication. We also have production and service facilities around the world, enabling us to provide a local service with short distances.

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