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Guess you have to decide between saving time or money – which option would you choose? Right: none of the two, you want both! Our professional support offers you both.

Our specialist for spare parts and our online shop helps to identify fast and reliable the right spare part. We deliver them all over the world. That makes maintenance and repairs fast and easy to plan. Rexroth original parts are always made to the latest design version in hard and software to let you get the most recent technology.

Skladovací prostor Bosch Rexroth plný krabic s náhradními díly


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Bosch Rexroth, spol. s r.o., Oddělení SERVIS

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Tel.: +420 548 126 116

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Skladovací prostor Bosch Rexroth plný krabic s náhradními díly


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