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Information about the EDI Guides

Here you can find more information about the EDI Guides:


File name Description Date
DELFOR D99B Electronic Delivery Schedules (DELFOR) 09/2016
DESADV D99B Electronic delivery notes (DESADV) 09/2016
DESADV D99B Electronic forwarding information (IFTMIN) 09/2016
INVOIC D99B Electronic invoices (INVOIC) 09/2016
ORDERS D99b Electronic (standard) purchase orders (ORDERS) 09/2016
ORDRSP D99B Electronic order confirmation (ORDRSP) 09/2016
DELJIT_D99B (DELJIT) 09/2016


File name Description Date
Flatfile_DELFOR Electronic Delivery Schedules (DELFOR) 09/2016
Flatfile_INVOICE Electronic Delivery Schedules (DELFOR) 09/2016
Flatfile_ORDERS Electronic (Standard) Purchase Orders (ORDERS) 09/2016
Flatfile_ORDERSP Electronic Order Confirmation (ORDRSP) 09/2016
Flatifle_DESADV Electronic delivery notes (DESADV) 09/2016


File name Description Date
xml_delfor02 Electronic Delivery Schedules (DELFOR) 09/2016
xml_delvry03 Electronic delivery notes (DELVRY) 09/2016
xml_invoic01 Electronic Invoices (INVOIC 09/2016
xml_orders01 Electronic (standard) purchase orders (ORDERS01) 09/2016
xml_orders05 Electronic (standard) purchase orders (ORDERS05) 09/2016


File name Description Date
EDIFACT example Example for ORDERS 09/2016
flatfile example Example for ORDERS 09/2016
Example for ORDERS Example for ORDERS and ORDERS05 09/2016

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