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Our press portal is aimed at journalists, bloggers and other media professionals. If you count yourself among this target group, our spokespersons will be happy to answer your inquiries.
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The picture shows Jan Saeger who is responsible for Corporate Communication at Bosch Rexroth

Head of Corporate Communications
Jan Saeger
+49 9352 18-2288

Judith Mühlich - Spokesperson corporate and economic topics

Spokesperson corporate, business issues
Judith Mühlich
+49 9352 18-1207

Manuela Kessler - spokesperson technology topics

Spokesperson technology topics
Manuela Kessler
+49 9352 18-4145

Nicole von Killisch-Horn - Spokesperson location and personnel topics

Spokesperson local and personnel topics
Nicole von Killisch-Horn
+49 9352 18-1260