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Do you have questions regarding your application or the application process?
Here you can see our answers to frequently asked questions.

Your application

What is the best job opportunity for me?

Please use our career guide to identify your ideal job opportunity.

How do I apply?

Please apply via our online portal. We ask that you complete all fields as fully and accurately as possible. Ensure that you enter your e-mail address correctly.

For student internships, apply here .

For training and study opportunities, apply here .

For the Junior Managers Program, Graduate Specialist Program, and for doctorates, apply here .

For conventional job applications, apply here .

Which documents should I include with my application?

  • Application letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of school and university reports, employment references, certificates and qualifications

Upload text files in PDF format and images in GIF or JPEG format. The individual files should not exceed a size of 10 MB.

Do you accept speculative applications?

Our online job portal provides a detailed overview of current openings. Unfortunately, we cannot acceptspeculative applications.

When should I apply for a job at Bosch Rexroth?

As a rule, you should apply at least four months before the start of the relevant position.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

Your application will be checked carefully by the responsible HR team and the relevant department. If your profile meets the requirements of the vacant position, you will be invited to participate in a face-to-face or virtual interview. We will always endeavor to process your application as quickly as possible.

What should I expect from the job interview, and how should I prepare?

The aim of the job interview is to get to know you as a person. You should be yourself in the interview and use it as an opportunity to establish whether the role and Bosch Rexroth are the right fit for you. You can prepare for the interview by considering some key questions.

  • What skills and experience can you offer?
  • What do you expect from your employer and your role?
  • What are your career objectives?
  • Why are you the right candidate for the job?

You are also welcome to note down any questions that you wish to ask during the interview.

School students

What do I require for a traineeship or study program at Bosch Rexroth?

We are looking for young people who are inquisitive, hungry for knowledge, team players and open-minded. We have summarized the requirements for the individual apprenticeships and courses of study on the careers pages. Find out which is the right job for you!

Where can I find the available training and study opportunities?

You can see the available training and study opportunities here . We look forward to receiving your application.

When can I apply?

We usually open the online application portal in the summer of the year before the training or cooperative education program begins.

My grades are somewhat average. Can I still apply?

Absolutely! Ultimately it is the overall picture and personal impression that you make that counts.

Do I apply online or should I send my application by post?

Please apply via our online portal.

Which documents do I need for my application?

Please include the following:

  • Cover letter stating the reasons why you are interested in a traineeship or cooperative education program
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Your last three school reports (half-year and end-of-year reports)
  • Please also enclose information on any previous internships

What should I do if I have not yet received my school-leaving certificate?

Your last three school reports (half-year and end-of-year reports) are sufficient. You can forward the school-leaving certificate as soon as you have it.

Can I reduce the length of my training period?

Shortening your training period requires good school grades and appropriate performance at work. The reduced period depends on the training profession.

Can I spend part of my study program or traineeship abroad?

Depending on your performance, you are welcome to spend time at one of our many locations worldwide to gather experience and build up your network.

University students

Do you also accept applications from students at foreign universities?

Yes. We welcome applications from all over the world. The main thing is that you are enrolled at a university.

Will I receive any remuneration during my student work?

Yes. We offer an attractive pay package.

What are your preferred fields of study for student work placements?

We offer student placements for virtually all fields of study, particularly for the following or comparable fields:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer science / business informatics
  • Industrial engineering
  • Economics

Does Bosch Rexroth have a student loyalty program?

We offer a company-wide student loyalty program in the form of students@bosch . Participants receive regular updates from our company and have access to an exclusive online network. The program also includes target-group-specific events, student follow-up placements both in Germany and abroad, as well as individual support.

Is there a chance of being hired by Bosch Rexroth after I have completed my placement?

Working for us offers an excellent opportunity to build contacts and qualify for a subsequent employment contract. We are always looking for new, motivated talents.

Can I also complete pre-study or basic practical training at Bosch Rexroth?

Yes, though the duration depends on the requirements of your university.

What requirements must I meet to qualify for an internship?

The requirements vary from one internship to another, and details are provided in the relevant job posting. As a general rule, you should have very good grades, previous knowledge in your chosen field, excellent team skills and flexibility, as well as good command of the English language.

How much time should I allow for an internship?

We recommend an internship of three to six months so that you can get to know the relevant structures and processes and are able to work on projects independently.

Can I apply for a placement abroad at Bosch Rexroth?

Depending on the field of study and current projects, it is possible for you to complete an internship at one of our international locations. The application process varies by country and functional area. Refer to our available internships for more information. You are also welcome to contact your preferred location directly. Information can be found on our local websites or here .

Can I apply from Germany to write my thesis abroad?

Yes, you can. You are also welcome to contact your preferred location directly. Information can be found on our local websites or here .

Is an internship at Bosch Rexroth a prerequisite for my later thesis?

As a rule, it is not necessary to have completed an internship at Bosch Rexroth in order to write your thesis with us. However, it is certainly beneficial if you are already familiar with the relevant department.

Is there a minimum duration for completing my research paper or thesis with you?

This primarily depends on the requirements of your university.


Who is the Junior Managers Program intended for?

The Junior Managers Program is designed for university graduates (with a master’s or diploma). Ideally, you will only recently have completed your studies, are still in the thesis or examination phase, or have already gathered some initial work experience. The Junior Managers Program systematically prepares you for a management role at the company. As well as possessing in-depth knowledge of your chosen field (very good academic performance and internships), you should primarily be ready to assume responsibility and managerial duties.

What is the aim of the Junior Managers Program?

With the Junior Managers Program, we provide qualified young recruits with in-depth practical experience to prepare them for future managerial roles within our company.

What are your preferred fields of study for participants in the Junior Managers Program?

The specific study areas are based on the professional focus of the Junior Manager Program and can therefore vary significantly. For more details, please refer to the relevant job postings .

What qualifications are required for the Junior Managers Program?

  • Technical, scientific, or business degree (master’s, diploma) with above-average results, doctorates also welcome
  • Leadership potential, initiative, intercultural skills, flexibility
  • International experience with at least one period abroad (lasting several months)
  • Challenging industrial internships, initial professional experience also welcome
  • Way of working: independent, innovative, analytical, entrepreneurial, and networked thinking
  • Very good command of English and good command of German

How is the Graduate Specialist Program structured?

Over a period of up to 24 months, you will complete four to six placements in your chosen field and in associated areas. You will decide on the exact content of the program in conjunction with your mentor, who will be a member of upper management. From the outset, you will assume responsibility in challenging projects and day-to-day business. Throughout the program, you will use the opportunity to further your development and to connect with other program participants.

Is there a fixed sequence for the placements of the Graduate Specialist Program?

There is no fixed sequence for the placements. You will agree the specific placements and their duration in conjunction with your mentor. In doing so, we will always endeavor to accommodate your individual requirements.

What are your preferred fields of study for participants in the Graduate Specialist Program?

The specific study areas are based on the professional focus of the Graduate Specialist Program and can therefore vary significantly. For more details, please refer to the relevant job postings .

What is the selection process for the Graduate Specialist Program?

Your entry into the Graduate Specialist Program comprises multiple stages. We will first review your application and may invite you to participate in a telephone interview. As a selected applicant, you can use our recruitment day as an opportunity to impress us with your personal and social skills. In the final step, further interviews with HR and other relevant departments will allow you to once again demonstrate your technical expertise and personal skills, and these conversations will also give you the chance to get to know us a little better.

What is the aim of the Graduate Specialist Program?

With the Graduate Specialist Program, we provide qualified young recruits with in-depth practical experience to prepare them for a future technical or project role within our company.

Did you not find the answer to your question in these FAQs?

You are welcome to contact us with any additional questions regarding your application. The relevant contacts can be found on the individual job posting.

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