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Engineering tool MTpro - explained by experts

Experts talk about the engineering tools MTpro & MTpro Online Designer

Open the laptop monitor in an office on which the MTpro Online Designer web configurator is visible

MTpro Online Designer is here!

Create your assembly layouts now with the online version of MTpro Layout Designer (The service is provided by Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany)

Start – MTpro Online Designer
Employee working with the MTpro Engineering Software from Bosch Rexroth

Speed up your engineering

Plan and design your line layouts in MTpro with assembly technology from Bosch Rexroth

Download MTpro

Simplify planning and design with our MTpro Engineering Software

MTpro is the intuitive software for the planning of assembly systems that supports you from the selection and the configuration to the ordering of components.

With the free MTpro Engineering Software, you can plan, calculate and document your assembly systems in just a few steps. No matter whether you are talking about a transfer system, a profile rack or a manual production system – the intuitive operating concept of the Layout Designer enables you to design even complex arrangements and system layouts in no time.

To offer MTpro users even more freedom and flexibility in the digital workplace, Bosch Rexroth provides the MTpro Online Designer.

Advantages of the MTpro Online Designer:

  • 24/7 access
  • Fast exchange of initial layouts with all project stakeholders
  • Automatic updates of the CAD library
  • Direct request possibility to Bosch Rexroth and certified partners
  • Easy exchange of layout files with the full version of MTpro

Which free planning tool is right for you?

View of an assembly line configured with the engineering tool MTpro Online Designer.

MTpro Online Designer

  • Layout Designer incl. CAD models and documentation can be executed directly in the browser
  • Languages: depending on the language settings of the website

Start – MTpro Online Designer
View of an assembly line configured with the engineering tool MTpro.

MTpro (full version)

  • Software for Windows with all functions
  • Including the spare parts catalog
  • Languages: de/en/fr/it/es/ja/zh
  • 2.2 GB

Download MTpro
Screen with product catalog function of the MTpro Engineering Software

MTpro spare parts

  • Software for Windows
  • Spare parts lists, exploded view
  • Languages: de/en/fr/it/es/ja/zh
  • 1.8 GB

Download the spare parts catalog

MTpro – differences in the software options at a glance

Content and functions MTpro Online Designer MTpro (full version) MTpro spare parts
Layout Designer
Online design and sharing of layouts and projects
Request for quotes
Shopping cart and purchase order
Product documentation
Spare parts catalog and spare parts lists calculation
CAD models
Ergonomic ManModel
Calculation tools
Products Basic mechanic elements, manual production systems, transfer systems, VarioFlow, RFID systems, intralogistics Basic mechanic elements, manual production systems, transfer systems, VarioFlow, RFID systems, intralogistics Basic mechanic elements, manual production systems, transfer systems, VarioFlow, RFID systems, intralogistics
Supported languages de/en/fr/it/es/ja/zh
(depending on the accessed web page)
de/en/fr/it/es/ja/zh de/en/fr/it/es/ja/zh
System requirements
Internet access ✓ (for updates) ✓ (for updates)
Installation required
Operating system 64-bit Windows 64-bit Windows
Size online 2.2 GB 1.8 GB
Hash MD5 online E37FA4CC441AF7D510F20399C2CA7105
Hash SHA256 online 1F47CC76796AE110E1C7596D40884F5D
Start – MTpro Online Designer Download MTpro Download MTpro spare parts

MTpro functions for time-saving planning and design

Layout Designer from the MTpro Engineering Software

Layout Designer

  • Three-dimensional arrangement in virtual space
  • Simple linking of components by drag-and-drop and snap function
  • Automatic order list generation

Quick guide for Layout Designer

ManModel function of the MTpro Engineering Software


  • Ergonomic workplace design
  • Simulation of gripping spaces and fields of vision

CAD function of the MTpro Engineering Software

CAD design

  • CAD library with configurable 3D models of all Bosch Rexroth assembly technology components.
  • Export in different CAD formats (STEP, SAT, IGES, etc.)
  • Direct interface to all common CAD systems

Product catalog function of the MTpro Engineering Software

Product documentation

  • Data sheets
  • Assembly instructions
  • CAD models
  • Spare parts information

Training material

For a quick start with MTpro, Rexroth offers free training courses and training videos. Find all videos about MTpro in the YouTube playlist.

MTpro Online Designer – basic training

MTpro Online Designer – advanced training


YouTube playlist for MTpro



Bosch Rexroth offers online training courses for the MTpro software in German and English at regular intervals.

  • In the Layout Designer training, the functions of the Layout Designer in the MTpro full version are practically demonstrated and applied.
  • Due to the same software basis, the knowledge imparted can be applied in a similar way with the MTpro Online Designer.

Layout Designer Training
Target group Sales engineers,planers, project engineers, design engineers
  • Layout Designer modules and user interface
  • Configuration of parts and assemblies
  • Support functions like dimensioning, copying,
  • Product line specific support functions and macros
  • Calculation of BOM
  • Export of layouts and CAD models
  • Import of internal and external CAD models
  • Practical exercises
Date & Training location 05.02.2024

Only as online training. You will receive the meeting link after registration: Registartion.
Time 09:00 - 16:00
Language German/*English
Minimum number of participants 6
New registration for training
Please contact us here: New registration.
MTpro Engineering Software service

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