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Your smart link between drive and performance

You and your drive system can both do more with Bosch Rexroth expertise. By selecting a Hägglunds drive solution, you’ve already chosen wisely. And with Hägglunds Inside Intelligence, your choice becomes that much smarter.

Hägglunds Inside Intelligence
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What’s the best proof of what Hägglunds drive systems can do? It’s what others have done with them already. Find out how customers have excelled, saved and succeeded with Hägglunds solutions.

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Hägglunds to the core

If movement is central to what you do, it’s the very core of what we do. Every aspect of a Hägglunds solution – from our hydraulic drive systems to the knowledge and support we integrate with them – delivers and protects the motion you depend on.

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Product Overview Hägglunds

The direct answer is often the best answer, especially when it comes to drive solutions. Hydraulic direct drives from Hägglunds give you a straight path to high performance, through shaft-mounted hydraulic motors, freely placed drive units and intelligent control. Powerful, compact and utterly reliable, our drive systems change the game in the toughest applications. But their greatest strength is the team behind them, committed to your productivity


Floodgate opens in the city of Hamburg

Hamburg turns the tide with Hägglunds floodgate drives

LSBG Hamburg is the authority responsible for the streets, bridges and waterways in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Among the city’s most critical assets are its floodgates – especially those of the central Schaartor Lock (Schaartorschleuse). With new hydraulic drive systems, the lock’s floodgates are entering a new era of reliability.

Two red Hägglunds motors on a wash press in a paper mill

Boosting reliability with hydraulic drives in critical applications

Hydraulic motors can be installed almost anywhere in a pulp and paper mill. The Husum mill has no shortage of examples. Hägglunds hydraulic drives are installed in class A applications – wherever production losses would quickly get expensive if a machine came to a stop.

A red Hägglunds motor on a petroleum coke crusher

Unmatched performance for tough recycling

Jülch GmbH excels in recycling large petroleum coke chunks for refineries, with Hägglunds hydraulic drives from Bosch Rexroth ensuring unmatched performance and reliability. The crushers, designed for a minimum 20-year lifespan, contribute to environmental goals by minimizing stoppages and efficiently breaking up hardened coke chunks.

Two men in safety helmets standing infront of a red Hägglunds motor.

Flexible solution from Hägglunds leads to a quick start-up

Domsjö Fabriker experienced two dramatic weeks when a gearbox for a drum displacement washer for cellulose in the factory’s bleaching plant broke down. Thanks to good cooperation, strong commitment, and a great team effort, production could resume quicker than feared.

Hägglunds CBm motor on customer application

Explore Hägglunds success stories

What’s the best proof of what Hägglunds drive systems can do? It’s what others have done with them already. Find out how customers have excelled, saved and succeeded with Hägglunds solutions.

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