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Level Up Your Mobile Robots.

Rexroth ROKIT Navigator

Rexroth ROKIT Navigator – Your Advanced Motion Planning Software

The ROKIT Navigator by Bosch Rexroth is navigation software for the efficient motion planning of mobile robots, thus making it a natural extension of the ROKIT Locator. The modular and easy-to-integrate software reliably and transparently controls the movement of your goods from A to B. It also ensures smooth, elegant driving and responds to obstacles. Like the ROKIT Locator, the ROKIT Navigator is compatible with a wide range of mobile robots like automated guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and offers interfaces for other components as standard.

Increase your productivity

Mobile robots navigation made perfect: high-precision, deterministic, reliable. A straightforward targeted integration phase enables the motion planning software to simplify the parameterization effort for different types of vehicles.

Compatible with a wide range of software and hardware applications

Integrate the ROKIT Navigator into existing standards – with no need for adapters or additional interfaces. The component is compatible with VDA 5050 interface-enabled fleet management systems and takes into account your current on-premises safety requirements.

The image shows the key visual of the ROKIT robotics kit by Bosch Rexroth. The "ROKIT Navigator" overlay, the "SOFTWARE" button and the ROKIT Navigator icon are selected.

Your Benefits

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  • Reliable goods delivery and handling
  • Obstacle avoidance and navigation in cramped spaces
  • Transparent driving behavior
  • Efficient algorithm

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  • Fast and easy integration – no expert knowledge required
  • Observance of general safety conditions
  • Fast adaptation to different kinematics
  • Compatible with VDA 5050
  • Open interfaces

Explore the Features of the Rexroth ROKIT Navigator

Features ROKIT Navigator

Obstacle avoidance: Takes into account objects in the driving tube and avoids them within the permitted avoidance area.

Compliance with external safety requirements: Smooth interaction between vehicle motion planning and safety control.

Observance of acceleration restrictions: Motion planning takes into account compliance with the maximum longitudinal and lateral acceleration.

Consideration of vehicle and load contour: Prevents vehicle or load collision with obstacles.

VDA 5050-compatible: Support of the VDA 5050 specification between vehicle and fleet management.

Consideration of orientation restrictions: Enables, depending on the drive type, motion sequences independent of the vehicle orientation.

Zone observance: Compliance with specific conditions in defined areas (e.g. speed limit, exclusive driving area).

Navigation in confined spaces: Safe vehicle maneuvering in limited spaces.

Support of different drive types: e.g. Ackermann, differential drives, omnidirectional drives.

Fast integration and commissioning: Tool-supported offline calibration of system parameters.

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Robotics Webcast – Episode 2

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