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Martin Hoskins - Project Sales and Customer Development Manager

What is your name and job role, describe your typical day-to-day activities and how long have you been in the industry?

My name is Martin Hoskins and I manage the 'Added Value' sales teams which was once known as the project part of the business. My day-to-day role is varied and interesting as the team I manage is involved in large capital expenditure and infrastructure projects throughout the UK, which can be deployed around the world. I’m also involved with internal projects on a strategic level to help develop the business and the people within the business.

I’ve worked in the industry for just over 40 years and during this time, I completed a Ministry of Defence apprenticeship in electrical engineering, as well as gaining commercial and mechanical qualifications throughout the years in various forms. I have worked for Bosch Rexroth for 27 years in a number of roles, ranging from a Regional Sales Engineer to a Regional Sales Manager, where I was responsible for the implementation and setting up of service centres in the South. I was later responsible for sector sales and large complex applications. I now manage the teams involved with this.

What is a project you are most proud of having worked on?

I feel very privileged as I’ve worked on a vast array of applications and projects, both in the UK and some installations that have been deployed abroad. Many of these have very interesting backgrounds and history and it has allowed me to gain experience in multiple industry sectors. One project in the steel sector that was key at the time was when we were integrating the Hagglunds business and working in collaboration with the engineers there. Here we provided a solution for the large bucket wheel loader for an ore terminal. The collaboration during the integration of the two businesses led to a job well done and one that has been repeated a number of times throughout the years.

What type of projects have you been involved with?

As mentioned above, I’ve been very lucky to have worked on a great number of projects in the steel and aluminium industries, key civil infrastructure applications, production and testing machines, automotive and renewable energy. Recently we have seen a rise in demand for our expertise in the renewable energy and environmental protection sector such as auxiliary systems for wind turbines, hydrogen compression systems and flood prevention solutions amongst others.

What were some key challenges you faced within these projects, or so far in your career?

Whether commercial or technical, there’s always going to be challenges. However, one of the key challenges at the moment is changing the mindset when it comes to adapting new technologies. As pioneers of innovation, we find ourselves in a position where we have a myriad of new technology which would benefit most sectors so we need encourage our stakeholders to stop doing something they’ve always done and do something new and a bit different which will be beneficial for them and the future of the industry. Materials and technology have made significant advances over the past few years, like our ctrlX AUTOMATION solution which is a prime example of this. The challenge is to help customers to embrace these new technologies.

What are you most excited for in terms of upcoming innovations/technical progress?

For me, the electrification of the industry is a game changer. For many of the applications we are involved with, whether it’s the control of the electrical drive of or even the communication, electrification is the exciting thing for us.

How has the world of hydraulics changed/evolved over the past few years and what is new?

Hydraulics has always been considered the dirty engineering solution, but that has changed following advances in technology and materials. The electrification of hydraulic solutions is huge, and this is now a prime mover for the industry.

What sets Rexroth apart in the world of hydraulics as a market leader? What industries do we support?

It’s the development of new technologies for new sectors, together with the investment in new talent that sets Rexroth apart. New energy sectors are one of our current focus areas, including wind, ocean and the production and deployment of hydrogen for commercial and domestic use. Our hydraulic systems and controls remain at the forefront of innovation, however it’s not just where we apply our products, it’s how and where we manufacture our products and systems. Where possible we use renewable energy and recyclable materials which really sets us apart.

What advice would you give to young people interested in working in hydraulics? What can they expect in the future?

Personally, I couldn’t be more positive when passing on my thoughts to young people looking to enter the world of hydraulics and engineering. It can open doors to any career path, from hands on work, to design and development, sales management or working with computer technology. It is a way in. It is no longer seen as the poor member of the engineering family, but the area where the most opportunities exist. To the interested, keen, young person, the doors within Bosch Rexroth are open for new talent to succeed.

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