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Learning or teaching something to other people: Both are equally fascinating. This excitement can also be found in Media – the comprehensive media product range of the Bosch Rexroth Academy. Here you will find up-to-date, clearly structured media, tools and content for teaching and training, education and self-study. Acquire knowledge systematically – and successfully.

Figure shows a tablet with the example animation from the chapter Hydraulic motors – axial piston motor, inclined axis – constant

See and understand: Animation packages

Our animations make technical content clear and easy to understand – and are free of charge! This enables you to create the perfect introduction to hydraulic and pneumatic technologies. We offer a variety of animations with detailed functions on the following topics: Hydraulics Basics, Two-Way Proportional Valve, Throttle Control, Load Sensing, Hydrostatic Steering Systems, Hydraulic Accumulators as well as Pneumatics Basics. Simply send us a request!

Animations: Learn more
Animations: Learn more
Photo shows an example of the cover of the technical book Compact Knowledge – Hydraulics Basics

Knowledge with depth: Specialist books

The only way to ensure knowledge lasts is to explore the topic in greater depth. To this end, we offer technology-specific reference works with sound basic information through to specialized knowledge. Benefit from the expertise of a leading global manufacturer with our current titles and topics:

  • Fluid power
  • Energy efficiency
Specialist books: Learn more
Specialist books: Learn more
Figure eLearning – example design of a shut-off valve, technology industrial hydraulics

eLearning: Learn where and when you want

Learning at a set time and in a set location is a thing of the past. With our eLearning courses, you can build up expertise that will help you advance in your key technology. You decide when and where – in a wide range of specialist areas:

  • Industrial Hydraulics
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Electric Drives and Controls
  • Linear Motion Technology
  • Pneumatics
eLearning: Learn more
eLearning: Learn more
Figure shows an example of the poster Hydraulics: Hydrostatic steering systems

Knowledge at eye level: Posters

Create an inspiring learning environment – with our professional posters. This way, you can supplement your teaching concept with inspiring visuals that simplify complex technical relationships and present them in an understandable way. You can currently download over 30 posters free of charge. And with the following technology areas, you're sure to find the right one for you:

  • Hydraulics Basics
  • Hydraulics Valves
  • Hydraulics Pumps
  • Hydraulics – Sytronix
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
Download poster motifs
Download poster motifs


Convey technical content easily with our animations: Below are examples from each of our seven animation packages. We provide you with the packages free of charge to download. Integrate the animations into your individual teaching environment.

Basic principles of hydraulics – 62 animations

Animation: Control with directional control valve

Solenoid – on-off – 4 animations

Animation: Suppressor and reverse polarity protection diode, influence of power supply polarity with LED

Throttle control – 6 animations

Animation: Principle of throttle control

Load-sensing (LS) and load-pressure-independent flow distribution – 3 animations

Animation: Functional principle based on M7

Hydrostatic steering systems – 33 animations

Animation: Axle steering circle

Hydraulic accumulators – 8 animations

Animation: Bladder accumulator

Pneumatics basics – 49 animations

Animation: Double acting cylinder


Specialist books

Successfully consolidate your knowledge with our technical books. Take a look inside each book to see the content. Have we piqued your interest?

Image of technical book: Compact knowledge – Basics of hydraulics

Compact knowledge – Basics of hydraulics

Learn the basics and functions of hydraulics in a compact way. The technical book contains sectional views of industrial components.

Look inside the book

Image of technical book: Knowledge in detail – Basics of hydraulics

Knowledge in detail – Basics of hydraulics

Learn in detail the basics and functions of hydraulics. The book includes sectional views of industrial components.

Look inside the book

Image of the Hydraulics in Mobile Machinery reference book

Hydraulics in mobile machines

Learn more about hydraulic components for vehicle hydraulics and get to know the basics of mobile hydraulic circuit technology.

Look inside the book

Image of textbook Knowledge in detail – hydraulics for tractors

Hydraulics for tractors

The technical book gives you an overview of the most important hydraulic functions of agricultural tractors.

Look inside the book

Image of Energy Efficiency Reference Book – Methods for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Industrial Companies

Energy efficiency manual

Find out how industrial companies can reduce their CO₂ emissions by adopting a systematic approach.

Look inside the book

Image of textbook Knowledge in detail – Mechatronics in theory and practice

Knowledge in detail – Mechatronics in theory and practice

The technical book provides you with the broad range of knowledge required for project planning, commissioning and diagnosis of mechatronic systems.

Look inside the book



Use our eLearning courses as the ideal preparation for Face-to-Face training or to acquire basic knowledge. With the purchase of a license, the eLearning course will be available to you 24/7 in the Bosch Rexroth Learning Portal. Below are 12 eLearning courses from our technology areas:

Hydraulics for beginners

The eLearning provides you with basic knowledge about hydraulics technology. It includes physical principles and the relationships between force and mass, the structure of hydraulic systems and the required components and functions.

Valve technology for beginners

Learn the basics of valve technology with its valve and application types. Find out more about check, directional, pressure and flow valves.

Mobile hydraulics – Circuits and control systems

The eLearning shows the structure, tasks and functions of closed and open circuits. You will learn more about circuit diagrams with components and find out about mobile hydraulic control types.


Valve technology – Control blocks of mobile hydraulics

Learn more about the tasks and functions of control blocks of different series and types and acquire knowledge about energy, throttle, pump, load sensing and LUDV controls.

Mobile hydraulics – Transmission units

Acquire knowledge about planetary gearheads and their function and gain insight into the differences between the various models. Learn more about the applications – driving, slewing and lifting.

Basic knowledge of electric drive technology

The eLearning is about the functions and properties of selected drive components. You will learn about the interrelationships of electrical drive systems and gain an insight into industrial drive technology.

Basic knowledge of electric control technology

The eLearning is about the functions and properties of electrical control technology. You will learn about the interrelationships of electrical control technology and gain an insight into industrial applications.

Basic knowledge of linear motion technology

You will gain an insight into the physical principles of linear technology and learn more about products, applications and the basics of designs.

Linear technology – Linear guides

The eLearning provides you with basic knowledge about linear guides in linear technology.

Linear technology – Screw drives

This eLearning course provides you with basic knowledge about screw drives in linear technology.

Linear technology – Linear axes

The eLearning provides you with basic knowledge about linear axes in linear technology.

Basic knowledge of pneumatics

Learn more about the function and properties of selected components and the structure of pneumatic circuit diagrams. By completing the eLearning, you will acquire basic knowledge in pneumatics technology.




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