Virtual Engineering in the age of Digitalization

Virtual Engineering in the age of digitalization

Your technical problem definition hasn‘t changed but requirements, solution options and methods are changing continuously.

Are you developing a new machine series or modernizing your machines? Should these be of better performance, be more energy efficiency or more intelligent? Naturally, your high-automated machines should offer further benefits for you and your customer.

The Digitalization and further new technologies opens new solution pathways, but also services for the new customer needs. Do you want to increase your innovation strength, optimize your development processes and to differentiate clearly yourself from your competitors?

Please find these new solutions together with us!


Simulation Models and Digital Twins

Products & Engineering Solutions

Products & Engineering Solutions

Differentiation of comparable products as well as development of high-level solutions on system or machine level are increasingly difficult.

Virtual engineering methods as well as our established branch and application knowledge extend our products beyond the data sheets and 3D models.

We offer intelligent Engineering tools, product models and functions developed especially for your solution.

Complexity management

Complexity management: „in simple, quick and professional way“

Products and technical solutions come with increasing complexity.

With us, your solution is simple despite the problem complexity. Furthermore, we enable quick and handy solutions reducing the complexity of your products.

Enormous reduction of your time to market, from concept up to commissioning results from an intelligent applying of virtual methods, also minimizing technical risks.

Your solution

Your solution is with our system engineering support smarter.

Our wide range methodology toolbox

  • Model based system engineering
  • Virtual commissioning
  • System simulation
  • Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Kinematics simulation

Hand in hand with you on the digitalization path

Hand in hand with you on the digitalization path

The boundaries between your customer and you and further between you and us are blurring due to the digitalization. The boundaries between components, systems and machines are also vanishing.

Digitalization leads to new data flows, new architectures and therefore new solution spaces.

Whether we are talking about digital products or solutions and services, we are pursuing this path together.

Our Virtual Engineering offer for your products


Our offer/our competences

  • Concept analysis and optimization
  • Feasability studies
  • Verification
  • Assessment

You get

  • Report incl. Concept valuation
  • Solution recommendation
  • Consulting


Our offer/our competences

  • Model building
  • System design, sizing and simulation
  • Co-simulation
  • Parameter studies
  • Rapid prototyping & rapid control prototyping
  • CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
  • HIL/SIL simulation
  • Code generation

You get

  • Report
  • Simulation models, digital twin and technical information
  • Code
  • Parameter sets or files with default settings


Our offer/our competences

  • Virtual commissioning
  • Real time models
  • Code generation
  • Offline or HIL/SIL simulation

You get

  • Optimized system, control or machnie settings
  • Parameter files
  • Consulting
  • Kinematic models


Our offer/our competences

  • Model based development of algorithms and smart services (e.g. condition monitoring, predictive/preventive maintenance)
  • Model based IoT applications
  • Code generation

You get

  • Application and visualization
  • Smart services code (condition monitoring, predictive/preventive maintenance)
  • Consulting

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