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Ready to keep you moving.

Safeguard the highest availability and productivity of your machines throughout their complete life cycle with original spare parts and consultancy of our service teams.

Ready to keep you moving.

Availability is the key to productivity and profitability. That’s why machine and plant operators are increasingly looking to us to enhance their maintenance capacity and reduce the risk of downtime.

In addition, you need a reliable service partner who can help modernize existing machines to increase energy efficiency, boost productivity and protect your investment along the entire life cycle.

We deliver original spare parts quickly and efficiently, through a designated team of on-site specialists, who understand the needs of your business. Their expertise is also available within our global service network through remote service calls and online diagnostics, enabling you to further cut costs and minimize downtime.

2 Bosch Rexroth Mechanics delivering service on a Mobile Machine

Require consistently high performance?

Use only The Original parts for your Rexroth driven systems

Rexroth Service. Ready to deliver the Original

Nothing is more expensive than the ‘cheapest’ solution: this is especially true when it comes to spare parts and their professional installation and commissioning. You can rely on our experts to bring a deep understanding of drive and control technologies and broad experience in your applications. Rexroth Service ensures safe, reliable, high performant operations of your machines with long lifetimes.

Counterfeit products can cause damage to your machines, so Bosch Rexroth and our certified service partners supply only original spare parts that come with a full warranty and meet documented performance and service life values.

Choose your original parts
Choose your original parts
A Bosch Rexroth expert unloading his service equipment

Need immediate help?

Reach your local service contact or partner

Rexroth Service. Ready to support you worldwide 24/7/365

With more than 225 years of history, you can trust us to take care of your machines and systems throughout their entire life cycle.

Our helpdesk is available to you around the clock by phone, email or video link. We currently operate in over 80 countries. This means you can expect the highest level of local service through our trained technicians and certified service partners. They are ready to respond to your business needs and have the back-up of an extensive network of specialists if required.

When you need a fast diagnosis, we can agree to remotely access your machines with IoT-based services, enabling our experts to quickly analyze errors and solve problems remotely in real time . This means we can often solve software problems online without the delays caused by waiting for a site visit. Service contracts allow you to secure defined response times for delivery of parts or if field service is required.

Contact your local service
Contact your local service
One of our Service experts repairing an original electric drive

Need repair?

Bring your machines back to original specification cost efficiently without unpredicted machine downtime

Rexroth Service. Ready to maximize your machine uptime

You need reliable, cost efficient and rapid assistance in the event of a fault or in minimizing unpredicted machine downtime.

Particularly with older machines, it is sometimes difficult to identify the components to be repaired or replaced. This is especially true if the machine manufacturer cannot be reached. Here, our globally networked local service teams and certified service partners provide reliable support with broad experience in your industry and applications.

At Bosch Rexroth's repair service, highly qualified technicians analyze, repair and optimize machine modules and components with the manufacturer's process knowledge using only original parts. Rexroth therefore also subsequently assumes the full warranty for the repaired and remanufactured components and modules.

Back to The Original
Back to The Original
A Bosch Rexroth service expert controlling the analytics

Need to secure your business?

Leave nothing to chance. Use analytics and predictive maintenance

Rexroth Service. Ready to keep your machines running

Bosch Rexroth is ready to help you to meet your future goals whether through resource efficiency, energy savings or the modernization of older machines.

Our experts can identify energy efficiency potential and implement customized steps to modernization right from concept to recommissioning without high investments. You can trust us to take on the retrofitting of your installed machines and help you unlock the benefits of networking.

Securing your business also means avoiding production downtime by continuously collecting and analyzing operational data through condition monitoring. As a partner, Rexroth Service handles edge and cloud-based condition monitoring and uses machine learning algorithms for preventive analytics.

Fit for the Future
Fit for the Future
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