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ctrlX CORE - The New Smartphone of Automation


In today’s world, automation means software development.

At Bosch Rexroth Malaysia, we are pleased to launch to the market a high-performance and communication-ready ctrlX CORE control platform. It acts as programmable logic controller (PLC) with apps – the new smartphone of automation.

With the scalable compact control system, open and flexible architecture, the Linux-based multicore technology breaks down the boundaries between embedded system platforms and drive-based technology.

“One control system for everything”

This means less engineering, fewer components and higher productivity. The modular software toolkit is based on the latest app technology and opens up new degrees of freedom when producing, providing and using functions.

The industrial-grade and long-term available ctrlX CORE control platform has a broad range of applications and can for example be used in PLC applications in the general mechanical engineering market via motion applications for simple handling tasks and as pure open and industrial-grade control platform for customer-specific expertise.

With numerous features on all levels - from the design via the performance to the software and networking, ctrlX CORE is the integrated, flexible and open control platform preparing every factory for the future.

ctrlX CORE is the heart of the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform and the nucleus for industrial control systems of the future.

ctrlX CORE solves approximately 70% of all general automation tasks. In addition to extended fieldbus interfaces, the modular variant ctrlX COREplus offers the possibility of adding I/O modules. These functional extensions are used for horizontal and vertical machine integration and open up new possibilities for users in terms of connectivity and networking. The portfolio is additionally extended by an extremely powerful variant. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art CPU technology, this offers approximately seven times the performance of the previous ctrlX CORE. The control with reduced interfaces and options is also available as an entry-level solution.

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