industry4.0, southeastasia
industry4.0, southeastasia

Hope to build an industry-driven curriculum with the MoU signing

Key step for workforce reskilling and upskilling

There is a common misconception that as we move towards digitalization and automation, people will have less job options. When significant advances in factory innovation occurred in the nineteenth century, textile workers revolted by attacking and burning buildings. This movement occurred more than 200 years ago, so concerns about job loss and relocation due to automation are not new.

It has been observed that when specific jobs are automated to make them cheaper and faster, humans are required to perform other functions in the process that have yet to be automated. These jobs are referred to as "future jobs," individuals will be required to upskill and reskill their current skill set. The most important determinant driving this transformation are educational institutions.

Bosch Rexroth Malaysia has been actively moving this agenda ahead by collaborating with local universities. More recently, on February 6th, 2023, Bosch Rexroth Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University Malaya Pahang (UMP) for curriculum development efforts. This relationship will provide enhanced learning course options, industry-driven curriculum, internship placement opportunities and hands-on exposure to industrial automation equipment.

This collaboration aims to maximize the potential and excellence of individuals in the industry 4.0 workforce through reskilling and upskilling opportunities, help in the acceleration of Malaysia's digital transformation across industries, spread awareness and knowledge transfer programs to the community, and strengthen and increase the availability of industry 4.0 ready talent in the country.

There was also a tour and demonstration of the Bosch Rexroth facility on the UMP campus during the MoU signing. Bosch Rexroth Malaysia has created the mMS4.0 for universities and educational institutions - an Industry 4.0 training system that allows information to be taught practically. It included all the functions of a whole production system, including logistics. More cells were also flexibly added to the system, such as a 6-axis robot that will be taught along the mMS4.0.

Students develop automation functions in both common languages such as MS Excel and high-level languages using RFID technology to implement workpiece-led productions and link production data with ERP and MES systems such as SAP ME. The mMS4.0 training system is also suitable for acquiring fundamental mechatronics and drive & control technology skills.

The signing of an MoU between Bosch Rexroth Malaysia and University Malaya Pahang was a significant step in developing advanced manufacturing skills and driving the adoption of innovative technologies in the country. The collaboration between academia and industry aims to advance the local talent pool to international quality standards in automation.