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Accumulator Safety Blocks


Safety blocks for systems that incorporate hydraulic accumulators

Rexroth ABZSS safety blocks can be used in any system that incorporates a hydraulic accumulator. Safety blocks not only perform safety functions such as pressure relief, unloading and isolation, but also provide a mounting base for accumulator installation and a quick means to access system pressure readings.


  • Sizes 08 to 30
  • Safety block design per DIN 24552
  • Pressure relief valves can be PED type approved (CE)
  • NBR (buna) and FKM (viton) seal options
  • Discharge valve can be either manually or electronically actuated
  • Pressure relief valve for safety purposes
  • Discharge valve can drain accumulator pressure for system shut down
  • Ball valve can isolate accumulator pressure from circuit
  • Optional lock-out version possible


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