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Three cooperative students at Bosch Rexroth

Industrial business administration

The exciting alternation between theory and practice, as well as the variety of departments and locations offers many opportunities for personal development.

My name is Laura and I joined Bosch Rexroth AG as a cooperative student with the aim of completing my bachelor's degree in industrial business administration. With a cooperative education program, you alternate theory phases with practical phases at various Bosch Rexroth locations every three months. After a 2-year basic course with content from various areas of business administration, you complete a 1-year advanced course, during which you choose two specialist focus areas from the fields of logistics, HR, marketing, controlling, and digitalization.

Can you describe your course so far?

My course started with a one-month long internship in the Nuremberg plant, where I met my new fellow students and work colleagues, before switching over to the first theory phase at university for three months. In addition to the regular lectures in corporate accounting or marketing, there is of course also the opportunity to take part in other offers, such as language courses, workshops, or sports activities at the university.

Portrait of a cooperative student in industrial business administration

After the exciting time in the theory phase, the anticipation of the practical assignment increases every time. This is when I get the opportunity to gain insights into a wide range of areas and departments of the company. For example, so far I have spent my practical assignments in logistics, project purchasing, and the HR department. In addition to changing departments, the company also allows you to spend two of the six practical phases in another company location. One placement can be carried out in another location in Germany. In my case, I joined project purchasing in our Dortmund location. It is even possible to carry out a second placement in a location abroad, but more on that later…

During the practical phases, you not only take on the day-to-day tasks in the departments, but also complete practical course assignments. As part of this, we students take on projects independently, allowing us to develop not only our professional competences but also our social skills, such as communication and time management. At the same time, the project work serves as preparation for the final bachelor thesis.

Will you also have the opportunity to gain experience abroad?

The placement abroad is a highlight for me. I am currently planning to go to Pomerode in Brazil for three months. My mentor arranged the initial contact for me, and I’m arranging all the rest with the colleagues in Brazil. I’m really excited about getting to know the country, the people and also the working processes in a foreign plant. Every plant is different and offers a range of opportunities and development options.

The exciting alternation between theory and practice, as well as the variety of departments and locations offers many opportunities for personal growth and developing your particular interests. Within the last two years, I have gained professional experience and had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. At the moment, I feel that I am being given the perfect preparation for my future professional life.

For anyone who likes to take on new challenges and loves variety, cooperative education is exactly the right way to obtain a degree qualification and find an optimum start to professional life.

Cooperative education at Bosch Rexroth

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