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Have you just completed your school education? Are you in the middle or close to the end of your university studies? Or perhaps you already have some professional experience and are looking for a new challenge? No matter what stage of your career you’re at, we can offer a broad range of job opportunities. Visit our job market and find a position that appeals to you. You can apply directly online.


Your future at Bosch Rexroth.

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You’ve come to the right place. Together, we’ll set the world in motion.

School students

Are you looking for a reliable partner with whom to start your career? We are here for you!

Whether the requirement is to drill a tunnel, recycle waste, or generate clean energy, our technologies are used in almost all industries and countries. What does this mean for you? An exciting future with an international company offering a secure professional environment and the opportunity to become an expert in your field. The key to this is professional training with close mentoring, as well as a good chance of being hired at the end of the training period. As a technology company, our broad range of projects is particularly attractive to people who like to work with their hands and are fascinated by technology, electronics, or mechanical engineering. However, we also have plenty of interesting opportunities for those more interested in the business side of things.

Trainees at work

Your first step into the world of work should take you to Bosch Rexroth. So what qualities are we looking for? In addition to completing school with good grades in the subjects relevant to the apprenticeship, you should also be able to demonstrate your creativity and curiosity, show that you enjoy learning, and are able to work both accurately and independently. Does this sound like you? Then join us and help set the world in motion!

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University students

A broad range of topics and challenging tasks

Whether you’re studying engineering, IT, business, or natural sciences: As a student at Bosch Rexroth you’ll do more than simply shadow more experienced colleagues. You will be given the opportunity to make an active contribution and assume responsibility for your own tasks and even small projects. Find out how we set the world in motion with our innovative technologies.

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By the time you’ve completed your stint with us, you’ll have done much more than add practical experience to your theoretical knowledge. You will also have gained interesting insights into your specialist area and seen first-hand how Bosch Rexroth approaches challenges. You’ll have learned more about us and yourself, and will know what options are available to you once you graduate. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see you again when it’s time for you to start your career.

So what qualities are we looking for? In addition to good academic performance, you will need the desire to be actively involved in our company. You will feel comfortable working in a team and in an intercultural environment and enjoy establishing relationships with people. If you already have skills and knowledge in your chosen field, even better. Join us and help set the world in motion!

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Everyone needs a purpose. Find yours with us!

Do you enjoy programming pioneering control software? Would you be interested in supporting management decisions in controlling? Or perhaps you’d like to create new opportunities for associates as part of the HR team? Wherever your strengths and interests lie, we’ll give you the space to realize your potential.

Associate on a wheel loader

Your university studies have laid the foundation for the start of your career. Now you are keen to take on responsibility in one of our functional areas. Perhaps you already have a position or one of our entry programs in mind? Your career at Bosch Rexroth can take you in many directions. Our broad range of projects and responsibilities, combined with our international focus, encourages associates to delve into new technical and commercial areas, develop fresh ideas, and set things in motion. That is why we welcome talented candidates from all disciplines who wish to make their mark.

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Make the move to a market leader with innovative technology – and to a reliable employer!

Whether you are just starting out in your career or already have several years of professional experience under your belt, we welcome specialists and managers with a sound education, a breadth of knowledge, and the ambition to continue to develop.

Factory associates on the assembly line


Whether you wish to work on an assembly line in manufacturing, as a cutting machine operator in production, or as a group leader in logistics, we offer a variety of roles as well as opportunities to change and advance your career path. Positive leadership and excellent collaboration are the keys to our culture, while trust, appreciation, and empathy are important foundations for working together. Join our team!

Apply via our job market and help us to set the world in motion!

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