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Four trainees from warehouse logistics

Specialist for warehouse logistics

We are Cornelius (18), Lina (18), and Tim (18) and we are training to be warehouse logistics specialists at Bosch Rexroth in Lohr am Main.

How did the training start?

The training started with a three-week onboarding period. Among other things, we went to the Volkersberg for a multi-day seminar to give us the opportunity to get to know the other trainees better. We also made a wooden bowl and attended several lectures, for example, on the subject of skin and hearing protection, by our company doctor.

Can you describe the training?

We attended the vocational school in Kitzingen, where we were taught the theory in job-specific learning fields. As part of our training, we were allowed to take part in a number of seminars, regardless of our profession. These included an English course, which progressed year on year or, for example, a course on presentation techniques to hone our speaking skills. After a two-day training course in Aschaffenburg, we got our forklift license, meaning that we’re allowed to drive industrial trucks.

Portrait of three trainees from warehouse logistics

Following the introductory period, the departmental assignments got underway. Every three months, we moved departments to enable us to gain experience in as many areas as possible. This gives you a good insight into the different roles at Bosch Rexroth. In goods receipt, the high-bay warehouse, and dispatch, we were able to enhance our physical skills, while we also developed our commercial skills in departments such as scheduling and purchasing.

What other training opportunities are there?

We were given lots of opportunities during our training. For example, in our second year, we were able to visit the SOS Kinderdorf in Hohenroth or the Mainfränkische Werkstätten in Gemünden. This week-long placement taught us so much about the day-to-day lives of people with disabilities.

Are you able to carry out placements in other locations?

In the third and fourth year of training, Lina had the opportunity to spend two weeks at the sales location in Munich. In addition to experiencing working life in Munich, she also had plenty of free time to enjoy the city’s culture. The culmination of the training will of course be the final exam. We are able to fully prepare for this at the vocational school and in the training center.

Together with the trainees from the other professional groups, we enjoyed a wonderful and varied apprenticeship, which all of us will look back on with fond memories.

Training at Bosch Rexroth

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