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Bosch Rexroth EcoShape tubular framing for material shuttle

Next dimension in tubular framing systems

Improve existing assembly lines and your material supply right away

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Bosch Rexroth EcoShape tubular framing application in use by an employee

Ergonomic and functional assembly stations

Easily built and modified with EcoShape tubular framing

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EcoShape tubular framing –
versatile, simple, efficient

The EcoShape tubular framing system enables easy connections between square and round elements. It can be combined with components from Rexroth's Manual Production Systems (MPS) to create individual solutions for equipment such as workstations, material shuttles, or flow racks. EcoShape will help continually improve existing assembly lines and avoid errors, in line with the kaizen or poka-yoke principles.

You can also save time designing your system, as the components for the tubular framing system are included in Rexroth's MTpro planning software.

VERSATILE. Almost unlimited designs with just a few components.

EcoShape is unmatched in its versatility:
It makes an almost unlimited number of designs possible with just a few components. The only tubular framing system of its kind, it is T-slot enabled and fully compatible with the profiles in Rexroth's Basic Mechanical Elements aluminum modular profile system and Manual Production Systems. So you have even more freedom to design professional, custom workstations, material shuttles, and flow racks to meet your needs, as well as many other applications.

  • Unmatched flexibility for the widest variety of combinations and configurations
  • Create versatile and uniform applications
  • Achieve high stability with aluminum profiles and ingeniously engineered connection technology
  • Professionally extend and optimize existing production lines

SIMPLE. It's child's play to create or expand your solutions.

It's child's play to create new solutions or expand existing ones with EcoShape:
Intelligent connector technology easily accommodates small tolerance differences to make it easier to machine the round tubes directly on site.
As a result, you can improve your production continuously with minimal additional effort, adapting quickly to changing requirements – in accordance the kaizen principle.

Simplicity is what makes EcoShape the new shape of lean:

  • Create the perfect configuration in no time with MTpro planning software
  • Implement practical applications almost anywhere in record time with only 14 standard components
  • Cut, assemble, and handle with ease – even right at the work site
  • Quickly create reliable and stable connections
  • Simply set up new applications or optimize and expand existing ones with surprisingly little effort

EFFICIENT. Durable components, reliable and unbeatably flexible.

Greater efficiency is nearly impossible: EcoShape combines unbeatable flexibility and versatility with uncomplicated handling. The system has been designed in line with the poka yoke philosophy, making it impossible for users to go wrong when assembling the system. EcoShape is efficient and environmentally-friendly from start to finish:
All of the tubular framing components are made of anodized aluminum, and the connection components are made of diecast zinc/aluminum. They can be reused and recycled, thus making a valuable contribution to conserving energy and protecting our environment for future generations.

  • Implement more efficient designs using our special MTpro planning software – including 2-D and 3-D display and a parts list generator
  • Configure and assemble directly on site (gemba) – save time and avoid errors (poka yoke)
  • Achieve higher stability thanks to optimized profile and connector geometries – with an approximate reduction in weight of over 30% compared to similar steel tube systems
  • Creates perfect, multi-system combinations with aluminum profiles and Rexroth’s broad range of Manual Production Systems products
  • Reduce energy consumption and protect the environment: elements can be reused or recycled
  • Ensure safe conductivity of all components thanks to a complete ESD version

EcoShape components at a glance

Bosch Rexroth EcoShape tubes


D28L and D28L round tubes with integrated 10 mm groove

Product information
Product information
Bosch Rexroth Ecoshape connectors


45° connector for diagonal connections and more to find in the online catalog

Product information
Product information
Bosch Rexroth Ecoshape adapters


Adapter for combination with the MGE modular profile system

Product information
Product information


Helping to easily and professionally expand your system to handle new requirements as they arise

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Product information

Solution examples for your ideas

Bosch Rexroth workstation with tubular framing system Ecoshape


EcoShape offers you the opportunity to configure your workstations exactly the way you want them. The result for your employees: maximum comfort, maximum ergonomics and maximum support of routine work.

MTpro file

Flexible design for flexible usage – Ergonomics and mobility are of central importance in your industrial production: EcoShape flow rack systems by Rexroth combine these.

Material shuttles

EcoShape offers you the opportunity to configure your workstations exactly the way you want them. The result for your employees: maximum comfort, maximum ergonomics and maximum support of routine work.

MTpro file

Employee working at ecoshape workstation racks from Bosch Rexroth

Flow and transport racks

An ideal material flow is one of the major factors for producing efficiently. EcoShape's round pipes allow you to design the racks fitting your requirements. Thus, you can be assured that all parts and tools are right there where you need them in your assembly line.

MTpro file

Employee working at an ecoshape assembly station

Assembly stations

Fast and efficient do not only perfectly describe the EcoShape components, but also your teams at the assembly line will work faster and more efficiently: Every part and tool is immediately at hand, for example in ergonomic skewed positioned containers.

MTpro file