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Get the most out of digitalization and sustainability?

Innovative technology makes a difference to the world. It is essential to help with digitalization and achieve greater sustainability – in short, technology helps everyone live a better life. The technology is here, but it’s not about the technology. It’s about choosing to use it. YOU DECIDE.

Shaping the digital future

The digital future is changing the way we work, the way mobile machines work, and the way factories run. Bosch Rexroth has been mastering motion in the highest dynamics and precision for decades. We transfer this unmatched experience into the virtual world of software and offer digital solutions on all levels: from the field, up to cloud based analytics using artificial intelligence.

Harness the power of digitalization

For Eva Seidel, the process of transitioning to a digital age is not solely about the technological shift; it also encompasses the societal changes and impacts on human behavior.
“Digital transformation brings new ways of collaboration, along with the ability to streamline processes. It allows information to flow more efficiently.”

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Driving a sustainable future forward

We have limited resources on this planet and a responsibility to create change for a sustainable future: That is the biggest challenge facing our generation and we are doing our bit to ensure that we can all rise to this challenge. By developing new products and solutions, we aim to enable higher energy efficiency and material-saving production, whilst bearing in mind that you have more challenges to cope with.

Sustainable alternatives through repairs

Ahmet Izgi is responsible for service sales and operations in Mobile Hydraulics at Bosch Rexroth based in Germany. His main focus is making sure products can last, believing in the idea of “repair over replace” as an important step towards a circular economy.
“Service is part of the solution, increasing in importance. We have to look at life cycles of products.”

The future will benefit from energy efficiency

Michel Gunawan and his teams strive to give customers sustainable solutions to create a big impact. He firmly believes that you must know what’s behind people’s goals – that helps you understand their needs and make positive change together.
“We try to innovate constantly. A project we are working on in Australia is creating mobile electric hydraulics to replace mechanical versions. It’s a greener and more cost-effective avenue for our clients.”

Empowering our people to move

Bosch Rexroth has been a successful technology company for more than 230 years, and we believe the winning ingredient is our people. They drive our business to continue to be a high-performance organization on a global scale. We collaborate in international teams. We trust each other. We grow together. We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy moving towards a more digital and sustainable world.

Enabling talent and mastering progress

Lisa Thomas acquired a degree in music before she moved into Human Resources. She understands that culture changes and Rexroth changes with it. She works closely with future talent and enjoys watching teams at Rexroth experience success and overcome challenges together.
”We want to hire the best talent that’s out there. My team strives to support this mindset alongside advocating diversity.”

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