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Various solutions
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The application possibilities for Rexroth aluminum profiles are almost unlimited: Construct and scale frames, enclosures, and even special installations to precisely meet your needs in next to no time.

Solution examples for you to apply

FMS Ergonomic measuring station and test station

Ergonomic measuring station and test station with EASY TOUCH ©

The ergonomically optimized installation of measuring instruments on the two Easy Touch shelves allows effortless testing with careful handling of the measuring equipment used.

  • Optimum, device-sparing use of the measuring equipment
  • Safe, ergonomic handling of the measuring instruments during the measuring process
  • User-friendly arrangement of the measuring instruments with a clear order at the workplace
  • High reading accuracy due to optimal 3-lamp arrangement

© Copyright / Implementation: FMS Montagetechnik GmbH

FMS Assembly system for transporting heavy components without a crane

Assembly system for transporting heavy components without a crane

Manual workplace for turning and machining heavy workpieces using media-free retractable ball rollers. Material selection of customized balls, either stainless steel or nylon.

  • Purely mechanical system without media supply
  • Loading possible from all sides
  • Can be expanded to form a continuous assembly line for heavy and complex components
  • Media-free activation allows the system to be mounted on transport shuttles which enables transport without cranes throughout the entire production area
  • Safe and maintenance-free system

© Copyright / Implementation: FMS Montagetechnik GmbH

FMS Ergonomic manual workplace

Ergonomic manual workplaces EASY TOUCH©

The ergonomically optimized grab tray arrangement EASY TOUCH allows the greatest possible increase in efficiency. By integrating the EASY CHOPPER transport system, a complete logistics situation can be displayed.

  • Optimum adjustment of the grab tray arrangement for ergonomic work with almost all body sizes
  • EASY CHOPPER logistic function for complete documentation of the production process from the warehouse to the finished product
  • Order picking the grab boxes in the warehouse and use at the manual workplace
  • Exchange of six grab box pallets in max. 30 seconds
  • EASY TOUCH system also enables continuous connection to a rear supermarket

© Copyright / Implementation: FMS Montagetechnik GmbH

PTS-automation Walkable industry platforms

Walkable industry platforms

The light-weight industry platforms made of standardized modular profile systems allow the customer-specific implementation of platforms that are easy to construct.

  • Tested statics provide safety
  • Versatile usage in buildings with limited permissible load capacity
  • Anodized profile provides a high-quality visual appearance
  • Light-weight due to use of aluminum profiles
  • Delivered as a kit or in components

© Copyright / Implementation: PTS Automation GmbH

PTS-automation automated case stacker

Automated case stacker

With this productive solution a load spectrum of up to 400 kg can be realized. Container sizes from 160 x 160 mm – 1200 x 1200 mm are suitable.

  • High variance of application possibilities
  • Customization options for different box shapes
  • Fully automatic solution

© Copyright / Implementation: PTS Automation GmbH

Handke swivel and height adjustable bench

Swivel and height adjustable bench

This application enables individual ergonomic arrangement of the products in the mounting position. Components can be positioned freely for assembly.

  • 360° swivel and height adjustable
  • Ergonomic working for different employees
  • Expandable system

© Copyright / Implementation: HANDKE Industrietechnik Handels-GmbH

Teamtechnik various workbenches

Various workbenches

  • Mobile workbenches for flexibility of location
  • Mobile packing benches with all material and tools available where needed
  • Workbench with manual height adjustment, no external electric feed needed

© Copyright / Implementation: Teamtechnik Industrieausrüstung GmbH

Teamtechnik customized workplace

Customized workplace

  • Assembly and picking station for various products
  • Part-specific documentation, documents and labels made available to the worker via a box lifting device in the cabin
  • Access protection through lifting door

© Copyright / Implementation: Teamtechnik Industrieausrüstung GmbH

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