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Collect data from machines

Collect data from machines

Install the IoT Gateway software and benefit from the fact that your assembly line and machines collect "for themselves" data that is usually only visible on operator panels, controllers or in actuators.

WE MOVE. YOU WIN. - Bosch Rexroth

Production automation solutions

One supplier - Many solutions. Design and implementation of turnkey solutions

ctrlX AUTOMATION - Bosch Rexroth

A new world of automation

ctrlX AUTOMATION surmounts the classic boundaries between machine controllers, the IT world and the Internet of Things. Learn all about the revolutionary automation platform.

30 years of Bosch Rexroth in Poland

30 years of Bosch Rexroth in Poland

Join our virtual events.

Discover innovative products and solutions and learn more about the latest trends in technology.

Transforming Mobile Machines – Bosch Rexroth

Transforming Mobile Machines

Using electrified, electronic and digitally networked solutions, we are helping you to create the next generation of mobile machines. Our solutions allow you to achieve increased power, safety, efficiency and intelligence for your mobile machines.

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