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Rexroth Store

Using the Rexroth Store with a purchase option is only possible for registered customers.

Registration and user login on the Rexroth Store platform:

Step 1

The user independently record the user account at www.boschrexroth.pl-> My Rexroth

Step 2

Before using the Rexroth Store platform, it is required to complete the "Access and permissions declarations".

To receive a form, please contact your customer guardian.

Step 3

Based on the user's completed user, access rights are broadcast.

Step 4

After receiving information about giving permissions, you can log in to Rexroth Store via the website www.boschrexroth.pl/rexrothstore

Short instructions

Welcome to our playlist on Youtubie, where you can learn how to use the Rexroth Store platform.