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Improved efficiency

Improved efficiency

Liburdi, a global leader in automated welding systems, asked us to help them develop a mechatronic gantry system. We engineered a ready-to-install solution that delivered the required precision and reduced their assembly time from 14 days to 3 hours.

Ship lock complex Eefde

Power without compromise

Ship lock complex Eefde, also known as ‘the gate of Twente’, sees more than 60 million tons of cargo pass through it every year, as vessels transport cargo between the major ports of Europe.

Turntable for stage Staatstheater Stuttgart

Stagecraft in action

We have modernized the stage technology at the Württembergische Staatstheater Stuttgart. The final system includes a 12m x 12m turntable for stage sets, a feat of engineering that moves the sets around with an accuracy o f less than 10 mm.

Fjord with a maritime fish farm

Safer and more sustainable

Sustainability is one of the main priorities in the world today, and environmental impact can be dramatically reduced if the right decisions are made around how power is sourced and supplied. One challenge is that the power genera ted can by many sustainable energy sources be somewhat inconsistent, leading to potential issues with reliability.

The Productivity Boosters


With the new Productivity Boosters service package, Bosch Rexroth is helping companies to improve their productivity and the key figures on which it depends. Working together with companies, experienced production and IT specialists come up with individual solutions for practical process improvements and automation systems and even offer support during the digital transformation. The Productivity Boosters service offers everything you need to increase direct and indirect productivity in projects of all sizes. This can be anything from quick improvements in production and intralogistics to the automation of manual work steps and gradual digitalization on the way to the Factory of the Future.

eConfigurators and Tools


User-oriented, clear and comprehensive: we have a wide variety of tools to support the identification and configuration of suitable product solutions. Our extensive portfolio of tools assists you in the selection of standard products and customized variants, whilst speeding-up your engineering & ordering process.

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eConfigurators and Tools

Virtual Engineering

Your technical problem definition hasn‘t changed but requirements, solution options and methods are changing continuously.

Are you developing a new machine series or modernizing your machines? Should these be of better performance, be more energy efficiency or more intelligent? Naturally, your high-automated machines should offer further benefits for you and your customer.

The Digitalization and further new technologies opens new solution pathways, but also services for the new customer needs. Do you want to increase your innovation strength, optimize your development processes and to differentiate clearly yourself from your competitors?

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ctrlX AUTOMATION community


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