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Modernization: Two Bosch Rexroth service specialists turn the old technology into new

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We turn old into new, and new into even newer! With our retrofit solutions, our experts significantly extend the service life of your product line. At the same time, we revive your equipment through additional modernization measures.

This means: our specialists keep the basics of your machine and combines these with modern automation and the latest technologies. This keeps the costs low compared to buying a completely new system and the machine does not need to be replaced.

Benefits of modernization

  • Increased capacity through the installation of advanced components
  • Improved machine safety and increased energy efficiency

Service for linear motion technology

Services we provide

  • Detailed professional advice from Rexroth including potential assessment
  • Analysis, project planning and implementation of the modernization work
  • Customer-specific engineering for the machine overhaul
  • Fast, effective modernization with retrofit kits
  • Replacement of affected/obsolete components and systems with modern drive and control solution/automation solutions
Modernization of Hagglunds driven systems

Hägglunds Original Service

Hägglunds means peace of mind, throughout your drive’s lifetime, and beyond. Our experts are at your side, from plain maintenance and repairs to complete modernization projects.

For more information about Hägglunds modernizations please refer to the Hägglunds pages on our website

We coordinate all the necessary work and carry it out on site.

Leave your entire project to us: from planning to implementation. This way, you can count on quick results without any major loss of capacity. Give your plant a second life!

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