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Three-dimensional outline of a wheel drive module consisting of wheel, gear box, brake, motor, safety encoder and controller. All six components of the module are provided with symbols representing the individual components.

Level Up Your Mobile Robots.

Rexroth ROKIT Motor

Rexroth ROKIT Motor – Your 6-in-1 Wheel Drive Module

The ROKIT Motor by Bosch Rexroth is a complete, highly integrated and ready-to-use wheel drive module for mobile robots (AGV drive unit), like differential-driven vehicles for payloads of up to one ton. The module, consisting of wheel, planetary gear box, safety and parking brake, motor, safety encoder and motion controller, significantly reduces the workload in procurement processes as well as in development, production and maintenance – thus ensuring efficient operation and a focus on the features that differentiate you from others.

Highly integrated into your vehicle

The high-quality individual components are coordinated with each other and proven in many application areas. Integrated functional safety is ensured.

Specifically designed for mobile robots

The ROKIT Motor is tailored to the performance profile of automated guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and comes with proven Bosch Rexroth quality and technology. All components offer optimum robustness for your mobile robots.

The image shows the key visual of the ROKIT robotics kit by Bosch Rexroth. The "ROKIT Motor" overlay, the "HARDWARE" button and the ROKIT Motor icon are selected.

Your Benefits

A rectangle with three gears of different sizes and an arrow.


  • Reduces the workload of development, production and maintenance
  • Small installation space
  • Integrated functional safety
  • Single-source solution
  • Reduced complexity saves time

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  • High quality: Rexroth – Drive & Control proven
  • Specially designed for mobile applications
  • Easy applicability
  • ROS driver supplied

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Robotics webcast – Episode 3

Robotics webcast – Episode 3

Get the latest insights on new features of the ROKIT Locator as well as on the development status of the ROKIT Motor and the ROKIT Navigator.

Robotics Webcast – Episode 2

Robotics Webcast – Episode 2

Get the latest news about our Rexroth ROKIT components

“Call the Expert” Podcast – Episode 2

“Call the Expert” Podcast – Episode 2

Our experts talk about the Chinese intralogistics and robotics market as well as the ROKIT Locator

IFOY AWARD for our ROKIT Locator

IFOY AWARD for our ROKIT Locator

Laser localization software awarded in the category “Intralogistics Software”

The title boxes Call the Expert and Podcast are displayed on a grid together with a telephone receiver symbol.

“Call the Expert” Podcast – Episode 1

Our experts exchange about the ROKIT Locator and answer your questions

Jörg Heckel (Project Director Intralogistics Robotics at Bosch Rexroth) and Christopher Parlitz (Head of Development Intralogistics Robotics at grow platform GmbH) talk about the Locator

Robotics Webcast – Episode 1

Our experts talk about the ROKIT Locator

Joerg Heckel (Project Director Intralogistics Robotics at Bosch Rexroth), Thomas Fechner (Senior Vice President Product Area New Business at Bosch Rexroth) and Jackson Zhang (Vice President at Geek+ Europe) sign the cooperation agreement regarding the localization software Locator

Bosch Rexroth and Geek+ Join Forces in Robotics

Global developer of innovative logistics robotics solutions partners with Bosch Rexroth localization software

The pictures show two men in conversation. One wears a white shirt and gray pants, the other a dark suit, white shirt and tie. In the background you can see a production plant.


We look forward to answering your questions about Rexroth ROKIT as well as the individual ROKIT components.

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