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Key visual on the topic of digital product twinning at Bosch Rexroth. Which shows the life cycle of Bosch Rexorth products and is made available using the asset administration shell.

Digital Product Twins: leverage your Bosch Rexroth products

Introducing the Bosch Rexroth Digital Product Twin

Digitalization is the key to surviving and thriving in today’s industries. Supporting your digital efforts Bosch Rexroth takes you two steps ahead with extensive and powerful Digital Product Twins of all Bosch Rexroth products. Incorporate any needed Digital Product Twins in your own lifecycle workflows, such as virtual commissioning or digital services, and maximize your benefits at your own pace.

Asset Administration Shell: standardized access to your digital product data

Our Digital Product Twin accompanies each of your Bosch Rexroth products for easy integration into your own lifecycle workflows. On basis of the Bosch Semantic Stack it bundles all relevant product data according to the standardized Asset Administration Shell (AAS) model and its AAS Submodels – this includes the product’s Digital Nameplate, its Product Carbon Footprint, engineering data from CAD and virtual commissioning, and much more.

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As Bosch Rexroth…

Products and supply chains are getting more complex, but also more flexible. To push your time-to-market and interoperability we enable an easy identification and accessibility of relevant product data in a machine- and human-readable way.

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…we provide you…

The Digital Product Twin is your single source of truth for all product related digital data – based on the standardized Asset Administration Shell (AAS). Relevant data is bundled to form a product’s Digital Product Twin. Following this industry standard, we can ensure a seamless, scalable, and secure data exchange with you and even your partners.

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…limitless possibilities.

Continuous improvement requires a good foundation for your decisions. Along your own product’s lifecycle and user demands we ease your decisions in engineering, commissioning, and operation with our Digital Product Twins – scalable and highly integrable for your product lifecycle support.

A Deep Dive into our Digital Product Twin

At Bosch Rexroth an all-knowing Digital Product Twin of a Bosch Rexroth product is formed by combining its general master data from the Product Type Twin and any customer-specific data from Product Instance Twins.

Design associate explains details of a valve block with the help of a 3D CAD drawing.

Product Type Twin

> 885.000 generated

This is the digital image of a Bosch Rexroth product independent of manufacturing, as it can be configured and ordered. It is inherently digital.

It bundles master data of a product, which applies to all manufactured Product Instance Twins of that product.

This master data includes documents, CAD data, simulation models, customer/internal specifications, and much more.

Employee and customer in conversation. A simulated system is displayed as a hologram.

Product Instance Twin

> 300.000.000 generated

This is the digital image of a Bosch Rexroth product manufactured just for you. This Product Instance Twin finally has a real, usually even touchable, entity it represents.

It bundles customer- and production-related data of this manufactured entity, in relation to its one and only Product Type Twin.

This data includes production data, field data, measurement logs, service and maintenance information, and much more.

Your benefits along the product lifecycle

Check out some of our relevant product data throughout a product’s lifecycle – brought to you by our Digital Product Twins.

Visual of seven product lifecycle phases and where digital product twins impact. The phases are: Pre-Design, Engineering, Production Planning, Production, Distribution & Shipping, Service & Maintenance, Dismantling & Recycling.

Discover your next Success Stories and Use Cases:

Pre-Design: Product Specification

Icon with ruler and pen as symbol for the lifecycle phase pre-design.

Choose wisely – compare your possibilities & speed up your configuration decisions.

Retrieve all relevant information at one source, including

  • product specifications,
  • extensive documentation,
  • CAD and simulation models,
  • Product Carbon Footprints,
  • … and so much more!

Make data-driven decisions to find the right fit:

  • Gain a fast access to support tools and configurators
  • Automate the comparison of product specific data
  • Integrate CAD-Files for space analysis and simulation models for rapid prototyping and virtual commissioning.

Engineering: Virtual Commissioning with Simulation

Icon with a screen on which a 3D model is displayed incl. start button as symbol for the lifecycle phase engineering.

Better safe than sorry – support preliminary design & reduce iterations.

Design & Concept with Digital First: Evaluate and validate hardware configurations before making your buying decision. Find bottlenecks and maximize your power densities.

Engineering Two Steps Ahead: Validate and Optimize the most complex parts of your machine: comfortably from your desk. Simulate time-extensive test runs of your entire machinery and be the first to identify programming mistakes or optimizations for your drive and motor parametrizations.

Bosch Rexroth simulation products integrate with strong market toolchains, so you always get qualified answers to your engineering challenges.

Let Bosch Rexroth enable you in such use cases:

  • Improve time-to-market and save space when planning your components and machinery.
  • Gain error confidence and save time for the final commissioning at your end customers.
  • Identify side-effect problems which only reveal themselves after several runs.

Review our own Bosch Rexroth Virtual Engineering portfolio and its market tool integrations. These are your challenges, but we have your digital support. You Decide.

More information about our Virtual Engineering 

Production Planning: NEXO nutrunner

Icon with screen showing three squares, a line and two dots, used as a symbol for the life cycle phase of production planning.

Plug & Play – collaborate with your tool & reduce onboarding and servicing effort.

Your NEXO nutrunner is ready to go as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Start our Digital Service Assistant (DSA) app and scan its QR code to access its Digital Product Twin and use its data to integrate and configure your NEXO in your own system.

You have been using your NEXO for a while already? Its data is ready for your request anyways! Scan and access individual order and service data and get the right service support or information at your own pace.

For you, tool onboarding and service requests are finally seamless thanks to static and dynamic product data in Asset Administration Shell standard.

More information about the NEXO nutrunner

Production: Calibrate Hydraulics

Icon with assembly line, 2 products, a robot arm and WLAN can be seen, this is used as a symbol for the life cycle phase production.

Efficient usage of test bench data– improve your calibration process & decrease your testing effort.

Easily calibrate your machine without any test procedures, procurement and integration is as easy as 1, 2, 3. We at Bosch Rexroth collect calibration data for you on our own test benches and give you access to this data for the calibration of your machine.

  1. Discuss with you Bosch Rexroth contact person which data you require for the calibration of your machine.
  2. The data for your products is provided to you online.
  3. Integrate the characteristics into your machine software and be done. No further testing required!

You can even access this data before any hardware is delivered, the digital product twin is already waiting for your request.

Distribution & Shipping: Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Report

Icon with a truck and package symbolizing the lifecycle phase of Distribution & Shipping.

Keep Track – trace back legal documents & reduce documentation effort.

We are delighted to deliver Bosch Rexroth products to your doorstep. To ease your arrival and onboarding procedures our products arrive with all necessary legal documents in its individual Digital Product Twin data related to your order and manufactured item.

Access the Digital Product Twin with a simple QR code scan at a single product or scan a whole bulk and select. Find the PED reports and more in the documentation tab of your Digital Product Twin and download anything you need, whenever you need it – even before delivery!

All Digital Product Twin data is retrieved live and individually for each requested product, so you can be sure to get the correct and relevant document, every time.

When your product arrives, get to using it fast, easy, and safe:

  • No vulnerable and losable paperwork in every cardboard
  • No time-consuming manual sorting and scanning of PED reports
  • No risk of ambiguities due to unclear allocation to different products

Service & Maintenance: Digital Service Assistant (DSA) app

Icon with silhouette and wrench as symbol for life cycle phase Service & Maintenance.

Stay Healthy – schedule maintenance & reduce down times.

Bosch Rexroth enables you with the Digital Service Assistant (DSA) app to get the right support and data with an easy request to your products Digital Product Twin. It’s a simple and identical process for your new and already hardworking products:

  1. Register your Bosch Rexroth Products in the DSA app by simply scanning the QR code or a nameplate search.
  2. Get all relevant information for your products, including service and order data.
  3. Contact our Service technicians for any requests, being repair or maintenance.

Demand product information and service requests from a single source with live and recent data. Access technical documentation, plan ahead, and contact us at the push of a button – comfortably from your desk or while checking on your machine personally.

Do you like our on-demand Bosch Rexroth service? Why not pass on our support to your end-customers right away.

More information about the DSA App

Dismantling & Recycling: Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) & Energy monitoring

Icon with 3D cube as product and circular arrows as symbol for life cycle phase Disassembly & Recycling.

Move Green – identify potential & act sustainable.

Understanding our products to their molecules, bits, and parts is a Bosch Rexroth promise to our customers. Enabling economic and ecologic decisions throughout a product’s entire lifecycle is our answer to sustainability goals.

Our Digital Product Twin supports sustainable decisions by providing Product Carbon Footprints (PCF):

  1. Easily access and integrate PCF data from a product’s manufacturing into cumulative calculations of complex machines through a products Digital Product Twin data.
  2. Monitor energy consumption to refine your cumulative PCF with operative energy consumption data through IoT solutions.

We support a continuous supply chain transparency until end-customer operation and ultimately recycling by supporting the combination of Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) from manufacturing, delivery, and operation data. We are ready for the EU Digital Product Passport.

Trust our competence from day one

Bosch and Bosch Rexroth have been active in shaping the useful application of Digital Twin technology in the Drive and Control Industry from the beginning, participating in many committees and open-source activities. By promoting powerful open standards for information exchange, we believe to not only advance ourselves, but the entire industry and your success.

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We move with Digital Twin Technology. You win.

If you’d like to take your business with the Bosch Rexroth Digital Product Twins to the next level, please contact us: