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Unleash the eLION

As the leading trade fair for construction machinery, bauma is a great opportunity for us to share our latest developments with our customers. This year, it will be particularly eventful, as we’ll be presenting innovative, yet practical solutions in the areas of automation, digitalization and electrification. Find out how we’re transforming mobile machines to meet customers’ requirements, now and into the future.

Get electrified with eLION

Increasingly, manufacturers of mobile machines need to boost productivity and performance, and to lower operational costs through greater efficiency. Climate change and social concerns call for reductions in exhaust gas and noise emissions. Our eLION portfolio for off-highway electromobility is designed to meet these needs and provide robust, scalable and safe solutions for future-ready machines.

Electrifying mobile machines

The modular portfolio has been developed specifically for the off-highway sector and includes high-voltage electric motors and inverters, gearboxes, software, accessories and coordinated hydraulics. The nominal power range spans from 20 to 230 kW (with peak power over 550 kW). Different sizes are available, so eLION is suitable for the complete spectrum of vehicles, from compact to heavy machines, from hybrid to fully-electric. Functional safety is already integrated in the inverters, reducing engineering time.

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Digitalizing mobile machines

Discover digitalization with eOC and BODAS

Our eOC (electronic Open Circuit) is a range of software and hydraulic components for dynamically controlling travel and working functions in an open hydraulic circuit. This opens up new possibilities and enables machine manufacturers to exploit the full potential of mobile machines.

Machine control, operating feeling and dynamics are no longer fixed for the lifetime of the machine but can now be adjusted and changed depending on the situation. By shifting complexity from the hardware to the software, mobile machines can become more versatile, flexible and productive. Importantly, they also consume less energy.

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BODAS (Bosch Rexroth Digital Application Solutions) is a portfolio of IoT solutions, software and electronic hardware that enables the off-highway market to access the digital transformation. Modular, scalable, open and secure, the BODAS ecosystem provides easy access to more productivity and more efficiency. Our experts will be on hand at bauma, explaining some of the key features from the BODAS range, such as:

  • A disruptive software innovation that will give manufacturers of off-highway vehicles free access to the standard BODAS software portfolio. OEMs can download software packages for a range of applications from the myBODAS platform, free of charge, in order to test and adapt them to suit their needs. Only when the software is used in series production does billing occur via a payment model with credits. This makes processing simple, flexible and transparent.
  • OTA (over-the-air) services that our telematics modules provide, meaning that control units can be updated remotely and machine availability doesn’t need to be interrupted. This has obvious time and cost savings. The Rexroth Connectivity Unit acts as a secure link between the cloud and the vehicle.
  • BODAS AS software modules, including the ready-to-use ASRun modules for our control units, which are easy to integrate. They can be adapted through parameterization and put into operation over-the-air.

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Explore automation powered by BODAS

We believe that the future of construction, agricultural, mining and municipal vehicles will be assisted and autonomous. But we also understand that this is a complex area and that manufacturers of off-highway machines are faced with significant challenges. So, it’s important to minimize the development outlay, as well as the technological, economic and legal risks.

Automating mobile machines

This is why our solutions for automating mobile machines are based on our proven electrohydraulic drives and our BODAS ecosystem. They enable manufacturers of mobile machines to gradually expand assistance functions through to autonomy, which in turn provides more productivity and more efficiency.

At bauma, we’ll be presenting an automation portfolio based on the proven BODAS kit for hardware, software and telematics. This includes driver assistance functions for safer and more efficient working. For example, virtual walls create a virtually defined safe space and the operator is warned when the vehicle is about to extend beyond that safe area. Another example is payload estimation: a digger operator can dig a load and get the payload weight straight away. Meanwhile, ready-to-use software modules help to reduce the integration time and speed up the time to market.

At the forefront of innovation in automation

Almost a third of accidents on construction sites are caused by bad visibility. Our groundbreaking haptic collision avoidance system, which has been nominated for the bauma Innovation Award, helps to address this issue and improve safety for operators, machines and their surroundings. The system warns the operators of construction machines against impending collisions with intuitive joystick vibrations. When a person or vehicle gets too close, they’re detected by integrated ultrasonic sensors and the alert is triggered by smart BODAS Software. The ergonomic Sense+ joysticks vibrate – either on the left or on the right, depending on which side the obstacle is – and the vibrations get stronger as the obstacle gets closer. So, the operator receives the warning signal in an intuitive way. High-resolution, high-contrast and glove-operable BODAS displays offer easy-to-record visualizations for the relevant assistance functions. Visitors at bauma can try out our haptic collision avoidance system on a model excavator arm as part of the “Automation Demonstrator” in Hall A3, Booth 327.

We’ll also be announcing a new processor-based ROS2-compatible Robotic Control platform at bauma, which will form an important part of our future automation roadmap. It will serve as a standardized, high-performance control platform – a necessary enabler for the higher levels of automation that will be a game-changing feature of the mobile machines market in the future.

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