Executive Board
Executive Board

Executive Board

Moving you forward

We keep your machines moving – whatever the system, whatever the size – by providing you with efficient, powerful, safe and intelligent solutions. Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies and a global partner for machine and plant engineering worldwide. By providing you with high-performance components and software-based solutions, we are driving forward the digitalization and sustainability of your machines and plants, and ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve. We develop all new solutions with the express aim of improving the energy efficiency of the machines and plants equipped with them, while at the same time supporting your economic success. WE MOVE. YOU WIN.

Left-to-right : Rolf Najork (Chairman of the Executive Board), Holger von Hebel (Purchasing, Logistics and Human Resources), Dr. Steffen Haack (Development), Reinhard Schäfer (Production and Quality Management), Dr. Marc Wucherer (Sales)

Members of the Executive Board

Rolf Najork (Chairman of the Executive Board)

Rolf Najork

Rolf Najork is the Chairman of the Executive Board. He is responsible for driving foreign business forward in major growth markets.

Holger von Hebel (Purchasing, Logistics and Human Resources)

Holger von Hebel

Holger von Hebel is responsible for the company’s commercial activities. His area of responsibility includes Purchasing, Logistics and Human Resources.

Dr. Steffen Haack (Development)

Dr. Steffen Haack

The tasks of Dr. Steffen Haack include the engineering activities of the company and responsibility for the Industrial Hydraulics division.

Reinhard Schäfer (Production and Quality Management)

Reinhard Schäfer

Reinhard Schäfer's responsibilities include production and quality management.

Dr. Marc Wucherer (Sales)

Dr. Marc Wucherer

Dr. Marc Wucherer is responsible for Global Sales and also in charge of the Factory Automation division.