More and Less Logo symbolizing a sustainable future in a digital landscape.
More and Less Logo symbolizing a sustainable future in a digital landscape.

Sustainability at Bosch Rexroth

Driving a sustainable future forward

At Bosch Rexroth, we know we must leave future generations with a world that is worth living on – and that technology is a fundamental part of protecting our planet.

We provide innovative components and easy-to-implement solutions for more energy and resource efficiency. Our hydraulics, electric drive and control technology, gear technology and linear motion and assembly technology help our customers and end-users reach higher efficiency, flexibility and decarbonization.

We also support our customers to transform successfully to a climate-friendly circular economy, reducing their carbon footprint and leveraging green business. Read on to find out how we can make this a reality for your business.

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Reduce your carbon footprint over the whole value chain

Every step in the production process has the potential to be more energy efficient. Our project team, GoGreen, has been systematically optimizing our company plants and numerous other factories since 2011. We are working on reducing our up-and downstream emissions, which means our products come with a smaller carbon footprint – and you reduce your carbon footprint right from the start. Where reasonable, we manufacture and distribute local for local, which could help reduce your carbon footprint in logistics. By using additive manufacturing, we have a positive influence on the energy and resource consumption of our components, from production, through operation, to recycling. We know how to leverage energy efficiency holistically. Our energy efficient solutions save power along the complete life cycle, minimize operating costs – and often increase flexibility and productivity at the same time. All in all, this can help you meet regulations, as well as meeting shareholder expectations economically.

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Leverage green business in all industries

We are seeing the emergence of new green ecosystems and business models developing in today’s world – from renewable power generation, zero emission mobility, energy and resource-efficient processes, to hydrogen economy and circular economy, carbon capture and storage. We have developed components and solutions for machinery and equipment manufacturers to support these industries. Technical progress needs to help the environment, and it can also be a business opportunity. We enable you to achieve this with our technologies and our engineering expertise.

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Discover new possibilities by getting electrified

We view the effects of electrified and sustainable solutions in a holistic manner. In large systems, a modern, energy-efficient hydraulic power unit will save many megawatt hours of energy every year while also increasing availability. In automation, energy efficient electromechanics lead to intelligent usage of energy while maintaining productivity. The electrification of off-highway vehicles and machines can replace the use of fossil fuels. In addition, we offer solutions for the production of batteries for the electrification of all kinds of vehicles. Along the complete value stream, from the sustainable production of renewable energies to energy efficient solutions for all industrial and mobile applications, we support customers and end-users with innovative solutions to electrify machines and processes. But it is more than buying new machines. We know how to change complex manufacturing processes toward climate neutrality, and we are ready to share our knowledge and experiences.

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Master decarbonization with AIoT

Decarbonization brings new challenges. Energy generated by wind and sun is fluctuating and we need storage solutions and the energetic coupling of machinery within factories as well as the interaction of different economic sectors. Sounds complicated? Together with customers and partners, we’re finding new solutions for greater energy efficiency and using natural resources sparingly. Creating transparency about the energy and resource consumption of all machines and systems is the basis for improvements. The interconnected exchange of this transparent data and the application of artificial intelligence algorithms (AIoT) optimize energy and resource consumption through automated intervention such as Sleep Mode or Eco Mode. At the same time, users achieve the necessary energy flexibility to adapt their power requirements to the fluctuating generation of renewable energies.

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Shift to circular economy together with us

Circular economy comprises principles to reuse resources as often and as long as possible. It is a much bigger concept than recycling and will change global supply chains through sharing, repairing or refurbishing. We help you to extend the lifetime of your components, systems, machines, and even assembly lines with intelligent services like repairing, refurbishing or modernizing. When we’re developing new solutions, circular economy is our goal. In our designs we decouple structural parts with a long lifetime from those suffering wear or have limited lifetime. We make use of internationally accepted standards, to enable you to reuse components and systems. And we offer services, including remote services and updates over the air during the complete prolonged life cycle. Join us on the road to circular economy.

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